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Hammer drill: Ridgid R5011 or Mil 5380-21?

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  • Hammer drill: Ridgid R5011 or Mil 5380-21?

    Looking to get hammer drill for occassional use drill in brick or concrete. Since I'm not contractor, I don't need super heavy duty but I want one that will last and with power. Also think one with two speed ranges would be more useful. I have an old Mil 3/8" Magnum that is a workhorse and is great for drilling wood and have used it to drill a few holes in concrete but took a while.

    Thinking of the Ridgid R5011 or the Mil 5380-21 (I think that is model number) or maybe the Dewalt DWD520K. Any input? Any other makes/models that I should look at?

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    Re: Hammer drill: Ridgid R5011 or Mil 5380-21?

    Well I ended up buying a used R5010. Hopefully, it is in as good of condition mechanically as it looks cosmetically. If it is, I'm sure it will serve my needs for many years. If my research is correct, the R5010 is made by Metabo and is very similar to the SBE850 or SBE900.