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accessories for R29302

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  • accessories for R29302

    I'm considering buying a R29302 kit. I'm not able to find any information on accessories such as guide bushings, edge guides etc.

    Afre these types of accessories available?

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    Re: accessories for R29302

    Chief Mac,

    Welcome to the Ridgid forum!

    I have the R290301, buying it not too long after it was first introduced. It has proven to be a very good router and it shares a lot of compatibilities with the Porter-Cable line, especially the PC690.

    When first introduced, there were a lot of complaints and concerns regarding the lack of "Ridgid" branded accessories, especially the edge guide. I discovered that the Porter-Cable edge guide (stocked just a few feet away, at Home Depot), fits perfectly and works very well.

    On my R290301, the baseplates differ between the fixed and the plunge base. Both are interchangeable, and one of those is designed to be compatible with the P-C "standard" guide bushings. There are several sources for those and I purchased a full set of brass guide bushings from Lee-Valley (

    While I haven't see a "Ridgid" brand edge guide, they do make a set of guide bushings with two universal base plates. Only problem with those (my opinion) is that they are TIN coated steel, and I prefer the softer brass, as it's less likely to nick the carbide-edge on cutters.

    Should you wish to use the R29301 or R29302 in a router table, any mounting plate compatible with the Porter-Cable 690 will fit. If you wish to use the T-Handle for above table height adjustment, you'll have to drill a hole of access to screw, but that's an easy process.

    I understand that the collet nut is also compatible with the P-C, though I haven't verified it myself.

    I hope this helps,



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      Re: accessories for R29302

      CW Thanks for the info. The 23902 seems to have some decent reviews and I need a mid-size so i think its a go. The price is right at the local HD but without usable accessories it would become a paperweight.


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        Re: accessories for R29302

        CWS said it all. Yes the PC690 edge guide and guide bushings fit. I would add that as long as you're in Home Depot, pick up some O-rings that fit the guide bushings. I think that makes it easier to tighten and less likely for the bushing to loosen during use.

        CWS - Yes the wrenches are also interchangeable. I like the Ridgid wrenches better since they are longer, a bit thinner and I can hang them on the wall next to the router table.


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          Re: accessories for R29302

          Ditto on the wrenches. I keep them hanging on the front of the router bench where they're always handy. I've come to really like the two wrenches using one on the shaft and other on the collet nut, it just seems to be easier than using one wrench and the arbor lock button.

          I mostly use my R29001 in the router table. It works great there. I use a Rockler table top, plate, and fence. I built my own leg set and added the Rockler power switch. The table allows me to make my trim pieces, molding, and a few things for shop like rounding off jig handles, pushsticks, etc. I use the router table much more than I do "portable".