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ryobi 18v one+ batteries won't charge

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  • ryobi 18v one+ batteries won't charge


    i have 2 ryobi 18v one+ batteries that i haven't used in a couple months. i went to charge them, and when putting them in the charger, the green+yellow lights come on right away showing they are fully charged...but they're totally dead. left one in for hours and it won't pick up a charge at all - but still shows fully charged. same thing happens with both batteries.

    i've read that over time these batteries can end up not being detected at all by this charger, but i've not read anything about them being dead and still showing as fully charged.

    do i have any options here? (other than buying 2 new batteries).


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    Re: ryobi 18v one+ batteries won't charge

    I would try another battery charger first. Next thing I would try would to zap the batteries. Do a search on Youtube for that. Otherwise the batteries are cheap, buy a new $80 kit with two batteries and new tools to sell to offset the purchase price
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