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12 volt drill (R82008) questions

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  • 12 volt drill (R82008) questions

    Hello all. 2 Questions:

    1. I have the compact 12 volt R82008 drill (new #92008). I can't find my owners manual and Ridgid does not seem to have one posted for this drill on their website. Any idea where I can download the manual?

    2. This 2 speed drill has mode 1 for high torque and mode 2 for high speed. The slip clutch only seems to work in mode 2, which is where I usually drill. The slower, high torque mode 1 is where I usually set the drill to drive screws. No matter how low I set the slip clutch, it will not slip in speed mode 1, only in mode 2. This does not seem right. My big 18 volt X2 Ridgid will engage the slip clutch in either mode 1 or mode 2. Does anyone else have a 12 volt drill that works like mine?

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