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Is the Ridigd router combo no more?

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  • Is the Ridigd router combo no more?

    Any one know what is up with the Ridgid router combo? It has been clearanced out of the stores but is still on the HD website. I just got one for Christmas, but am nervous that it is already gone. What about parts availablity? Is there a newer model coming out?

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    Re: Is the Ridigd router combo no more?

    Sawatzky, I was asked the same question by a customer (I work at Home Depot), and haven't had a chance to speak with my rep yet, but I assume that its probably just a design or model upgrade that's coming out on the new one. The parts and accessories will be available for a long time I'm sure. Basic router bit attachment hasn't ever changed...I've got a twenty year old router that I've never not been able to find a bit for it. It's so old that the brand is worn off, so I don't even know what brand it is.
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