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dp 1550 RACK ISSUE?

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  • dp 1550 RACK ISSUE?


    I have the drill press from ridgid. I have a (small?) issue with the gear-rack that allows the table to be raised/lowered.

    Whenever i raise the table the rack, the lower portion (toward the botton 1/3) of the rack bows out an inch or so. I'm able to lock the table in place etc... no issue there... and otherwise it operates just fine.

    I have kept the set screw barely tight and I believe I'm using the proper procedure by losening the table-support-lock-handle. I'm able to urn the rack/table side-to-side as I raise and lower etc.

    Any thoughts? Is there a safety concern? Should I ask Ridgid for another rack?



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    Re: dp 1550 RACK ISSUE?

    I would double-check to ensure the table support screw is loose enough. I know you are saying you are able to move the table side to side but there is less resistance required to do that anyway. If that doesn't work, I would try waxing your column. I have applied wax to mine to ensure there will be less chance of corrosion (which could be causing your problem. If there is corrosion, remove it first with a wire brush) and to ensure smooth operation. If that also fails, you may have a defective gear rack that has gotten weak in one spot. I am sure RIDGID would take care of that without any issues at all.

    Hopefully this helps.
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