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  • Router Table Questions

    I bought myself the ridgid router combo from HD around Christmas. I finally got around to building a router table addition onto my table saw. It turned out pretty good.

    Unfortunately, I'm not that sure how to use the table safely. I wanted to create a couple ~1/2" dado's in some 2 x 4's I had. I planned on putting some 1/2" plywood in the dado's to create a drawer for my work bench.

    While cutting the dado's, i could feel the router trying to pull the 2 x 4 through the blade. At one point, it slipped out of my hand and rocketed off the table. That was a big red flag that I must be doing something wrong.

    Should the wood be fed in so it pushes back against the 2 x 4, or should the router try and pull the wood through it's blade, as it's doing now?

    Any safety tips would be appreciated.

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    Re: Router Table Questions

    I'm not sure of your table configuration, so my apologies if I'm mis-interpreting a bit. Also of great importance is how you are feeding your stock (2 x 4's) into the router bit... feed it in the wrong direction and you'll get kick-back for sure.

    So not knowing these particulars let me just make a couple of personal opinions:

    First, I have a Rockler table which I use my Ridgid 2900 with. It is equipped with a fence and I have safety feather-board-like devices that I use with it, wherever possible.

    Second (and probably most important to your quetion) is that facing the table, the fence runs left to right and it is positioned to provide a support guide for the stock as I feed it. (Spaced with the cutting bit, very much like you use the fence on a table saw.)

    Looking at my table, and down on the cutter... the cutter is turning counter-clockwise and I must feed the stock from the right. If I am doing a rabit or edge cut, then the fence must be adjusted to so that only the front edge of the cutter is exposed and the stock edge to be cut is against the face of the fence. You NEVER want to trap the stock between the fence and the cutter!

    In that manner, you are feeding the stock against the rotation and the cutting edge bit is turning into the stock, slicing it away as the stock advances.

    (Held in your hand (manual use, not table) the cutter is down into the stock and is turning "clockwise"... therefore if you're going to cut dado, you would use a straight edge or an edge guide and you would advance the router from left to right.)

    Free hand feeding of stock (like edging a curve) on the router table, you would always move the stock so that the cutting bit is always rotating into the stock. Free handing should always employ a guide (starting) pin and you should always make sure the cutter is either covered with a guide or if you're on and open table, then you should ensure that your hands are well clear of the cutter.... if the part is small, then you must use something to clamp-style "holder" to keep your hands safely away.

    I hope this helps,



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      Re: Router Table Questions
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