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Delta Belt Sander, Belt Issues

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  • Delta Belt Sander, Belt Issues

    I got a Delta 4" Belt, 6" Disc Sander issue. The damn thing sounds like an airplane getting ready to fly out my garage. I've had it for 10 years. Wish I had read the review on it at Amazon. 10 reviews with a 1 score... only one guy have a positive comment calling it a "great pencil sharpner".

    I haven't used the machine more then 1 hour in it's life... cause it's noiser then my dust collector & router going together at one. Hell it's noiser then all my shop tools turned on.

    I took it apart. The disc is missing a set screw. The belt is loose. I took the belt off, the motor is quiet. Pull the belt on, and it flops around wildly. I measured the belt, 7 1/2" (15"). I used a screw driver to put tension on the belt and it brought the noise down significantly. I can not adjust the motor/pulley tension. So I need to find a shorter belt... maybe 7 1/4" (14 1/2") is a good place to start. It's a rubber belt with teeth in it. Is it possible to track down a belt locally (auto store)... internet... or should I put this on my daughter's desk with a box of pencils?

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    Re: Delta Belt Sander, Belt Issues

    maybe try a link belt, you can adjust the length by adding or removing links to get the right length.
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