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Tile saw's depth adjustment slipping

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  • Tile saw's depth adjustment slipping

    Hi all, I have a WTS2000L tile saw that I've been using during my extensive tiling projects. I've done my kitchen, dining room, and bathroom floor, as well as the kitchen backsplash and marble window sills. Now, during my final project (the master bath floor), my saw decided to be difficult.

    My problem is this -- I'm cutting granite tile with a new blade. I've set the depth adjustment to the right depth, but about 3-4 inches into the cut, the saw's whole cutting apparatus slips up, out of the cutting position, and skids across the tile. I'm thinking that something is wrong with my depth adjustment knob, and that's what is slipping, letting the saw head jump out of its position.

    What are your thoughts? Are there replacement parts out there, or am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Tile saw's depth adjustment slipping

    I occasionally have that problem but give it a half turn after you think its tight. It will turn, trust me. Mine is 3 yrs old and does it time to time. I have been meaning to take it apart, clean it and grease it, but have been lazy.