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Rigid Miter saw shocking me

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  • Rigid Miter saw shocking me

    Hi, My miter saw shocks me when I touch the miter table and the only way to us it is to wear gloves, but this is still not safe. Could it be doing this because of moisture got in the saw? I would like to fix it my self if anyone knows what is going on or how to fix this problem that would be great. thanks alot

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    Re: Rigid Miter saw shocking me

    For me, the best way to fix anything electrical is to call in a professional. Take your saw to the nearest Authorized Ridgid Service Center and have them take a look at it. If you registered it into the Limited Lifetime Service Agreement Program then it won't cost you a dime to get it fixed.
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      Re: Rigid Miter saw shocking me

      they all appear to be a double insulated tool, (so there is next to nil chance of power coming back in on the ground line),

      for a double insulated tool to be causing the tool to be hot, there is deftly some thing wrong,

      yes moisture could be the cause, but I would definitely stop using it, until corrected or replaced, and either get to a service center for a check up,

      If it is a moisture issue take into a warm area, (maybe turn it upside down(opposite of what it was when it got wet) and give some time to dry out, but it most likely still should be checked out by some one who knows what there doing and looking for,

      that is a very dangerous situation, you could or any one working with you could end up dead,

      IF a power tool it being used out side and expressly in wet conditions, one should be using a GFCI either in the extension cord or in/on the receptacle your plugged into, they make reasonably priced GFCI to plug into a power cord, many under $30,
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        Re: Rigid Miter saw shocking me

        You may want to get one of those little gizmos that check your outlets to make sure it is wired correctly ( ). The problem may not be in the saw. It is possible the the hot and neutral are swapped in the outlet its plugged into or another on the circuit. Either way, the tester will tell you if power is coming in on the neutral post of the outlet.

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