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rigid 4512 table saw dust collection

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  • rigid 4512 table saw dust collection

    I just bought a new 4512 table saw and was assembling it. I got to the installation of the dust chute and there is a warning that basically says don't install the dust chute unless you have a 4 inch dust collection system or it results in personal injury and maybe death. Sounds a bit extreme. Can anyone tell me why I can't put the dust chute on and let the dust collect fall into a small tub?

    Thanks for any help and sorry if this is a dumb question..

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    Re: rigid 4512 table saw dust collection

    Sounds a bit like a CYA liability statement. I'm guessing it'd take a while for the dust to build up to where it's a hazard. Gravity will do part of the job, but you'll need to clean it out periodically...keep an eye on it. You'd eventually be better off with some DC or even a shop vac hook up.