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timely LSA registration

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  • timely LSA registration

    today, i received an email confirming the LSA egistration of my pin nailer and job max combo kit. both were sent in at the same time, around MID JANUARY, 2011. i am absolutely stunned it was effected so quickly. there is a process and it does work. well done, ridgid!
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    Re: timely LSA registration

    maybe they got things fixed and can turn things around faster

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      Re: timely LSA registration

      And maybe it was just a "fluke!" too!

      I bought my JobMax back in September, about the time I bought the Ridgid jointer. I registered them both within a couple of days. Just this past week did the jointer have it's record changed from 3-years to LSA. The JobMax battery was also changed, but not the rest of the components... AND, I have not received an E-mail on any of it.

      I have called a couple of times already, so now I guess I need to call them again on Monday!!!

      (I still have faith though, as I have yet to them loose a registration.)