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Dead hammer drill

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  • Dead hammer drill

    My office was going to throw out a Ridgid R5011 hammer drill that just stopped working.
    I grabbed it out of the trash in an effort to repair it.
    The light is on at the plug. When I press the trigger I get voltage to both brushes. I remove the brushes to clean and inspect, looked good.
    Still won't work.
    Anybody have any ideas or should I return it to the trash bin.
    It looks like it is fairly good shape, aside from the fact it is now just a paperweight with a cord.


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    Re: Dead hammer drill

    it may need a motor for it ,and if you can do the work it would be worth it
    my shop sends them out for repair and the cost is 2/3rds of a new one ,if i could not fix my tools i would get a new one
    i do fix all my cordless and other stuff ,its not hard just remember where things go .i have taken pictures as i take it apart so i can look at it if i have a hard time putting it back together

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      Re: Dead hammer drill

      If you know how to DIY, then:

      #31 (#34 is the same part number so I'm guessing it all comes together).
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