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3300 EFI PW, hot start problem

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  • 3300 EFI PW, hot start problem

    Brand new day 1, after running it for ~20min. I could not re-start it. (Yes, I did the slow pulls with it off.)
    Day 2, after reading up - I started off with a proper break in. (Water on without the pressure hose for 10 min.) I could not restart it hot. That includes doing from 4 to 10 slow pulls with it off. After >15 cool down, I can re-start it.

    The interesting part - with it hot and water running thru it (see above), I turn ign off, slow pull 20 times, turn it on and pull to start. It runs for ~2sec then stops firing and does not fire during a ~2sec spin down. This I can repeat. Once when it was a little cooler, it ran for ~2sec, stoped firing,for ~1sec then started firing and ran OK. OK is with a little giddy up. After a few mins, it switches to running smoothly.

    This PW is not very useful if I have to start it with the hose or gun disconnected, or wait a half hour for it to cool down. It's days are numbered.

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    Re: 3300 EFI PW, hot start problem

    doctordeer is the expert.

    but it sounds like vapor lock.

    if you remove the gas cap does it have a suction or pressure burp?

    try again after removing the gas cap and reprime.

    otherwise wait until doctordeer or somome else whose sure

    phoebe it is


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      Re: 3300 EFI PW, hot start problem

      We've seen a few repetitive issues. We can try to narrow it down here, but you're going to need to take it to an ASC if you want warranty service.

      There are only a few things you can check that you may be able to resolve yourself... Check the oil level (the unit has low-oil protection) and check for oil in the impulse tube for the fuel pump.

      If that didn't solve anything...
      Get the engine warmed up (with water flow, don't want to ruin the pump). Shut it off. Wait about 30 - 45 seconds and pull it a few times (switch in the 'ON' position). Given what you've said, it won't start. Immediately remove the sparkplug and see if it's wet. As in dripping wet. If it is, you may have a leaking injector. That's an issue for the ASC. DO NOT try to remedy it yourself unless you want your warranty voided.

      If the plug's damp (not dripping wet), you need to do a spark test on the hot engine to determine if the ignition coil quit firing. If you don't have an adjustable gap ignition tester, take it to the ASC. If you do, and determine that the coil quit firing when hot, also take it to the ASC.

      If the injector isn't leaking and the coil is still firing, you may have a bad power coil. It's under the flywheel and pretty much inaccessible to the average Joe. Take it to the ASC.

      See a pattern here?

      It's under warranty. If you tinker with it yourself, you run a very real risk of voiding the warranty. That's why there are ASCs.
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