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  • Palm Nailer - Finish Nails

    Just purchased a Model # R350PNA Palm Nailer. Currently trying to use it to nail up some exterior plywood (soffets) and hope to use it on exterior crown moulding when I get to that.

    Made the decision to purchase after reading MANY good customer reviews on the HomeDepot site.

    However, haven't gotten past practicing with finish nails (6 and 8d). Every 2 or 3rd nail gets jammed between the plunger and outer sleeve. The magnetized sleeve pulls nails to the side and when I activate the nailer the plunger traps the nail against the side of the sleeve. Fortunately I've been able to pull them out but am afraid of one getting really jammed and it not coming out.

    So, am I doing something wrong?

    Or does this nailer not intended to work with finish nails?

    Really was looking forward to using this tool.

    Any help or guidance appreciated.



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    Re: Palm Nailer - Finish Nails

    I think you answered your own question, since there is basically, no head on a finish nail, it can get trapped as you have experienced. Looks like you already have a compressor. Do your self a favor and buy a finish nail gun. You can shoot 1 1/4" -2 1/2" nails a lot faster with the gun than you can with a palm nailer. Save the palm nailer for tight spots. I like it a lot for joist hanger nails.