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air compressor recycles too low

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  • air compressor recycles too low


    I have ridgid air compressor OL50135W I recently had to change the regulator and the pressure switch, the unit now works well with no leaks

    the only problem is the pressure drops to about 70psi before it recycles resulting in the inability to drive nails.

    Is the pressure switch on this unit adjustable, if it is, how do you adjust it. if not, do you know of an aftermarket switch I can put on it. I saw a few at graingers but not sure if they will work

    Thank You


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    Re: air compressor recycles too low

    I do not know about this model of regulator/pressure switch, but most have adjustment, usually two screw under the cap/cover of the pressure switch, one main one for the basic pressure and one for the differential, and yes a after market pressure switch should work if you can mount or find a port to put it in, (most pressure switch I have had some instruction under the cap for information on how to adjust)
    (just looked at the Ridgid manual on the compressor and it says nothing on adjustment, that I could see),

    If it is adjustable do not get to carried away in upping the pressure, set it back to what factory had originally,
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      Re: air compressor recycles too low

      thank you for your reply

      I plan on just getting it back to normal 120psi with recycle at 90