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How to find Ridgid tools?

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  • How to find Ridgid tools?

    I recently purchased the R963 5-piece 18V X3 kit, which I'm thrilled with. I even went on to purchase the 12V combo kit with a drill and job-max, which, despite the drill breaking in a rather pathetic way within 3 weeks, I'm still happy with the purchases overall.

    My issue now is that I'd like to purchase additional tools for the sets, and I can't find them for the life of me. is terrible. There's probably no need for further explaination in what I'm referring to, but the information is limited, often inaccurate, dated and overall just useless. is slightly more helpful, but I'm assuming poorly laid out, as simple searches often come up with nothing. For instance, I saw a picture in another forum thread showing a 2-pc 12V drill and impact driver combo -- a tool I didn't even know existed. I search on for "ridgid impact", and I only get the 18V model and jobmax stuff. I search for "ridgid 12V" and it comes up with a good selection of tools (and a 12V flashlight I just saw... I want that!!) but still no impact driver. Only a search for "12V impact" actually came up with the individual tool I was looking for linked below.

    So with the obvious resources exhausted, where do I go for Ridgid power tool info? This complete lack of reliable information is literally preventing me from purchasing more Ridgid tools. Maybe there's a way to get some contact info for my local rep so he can source some of the tools I'm looking for?

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    Re: How to find Ridgid tools?

    For my own reference, R82920 for the flashlight model. Where can I buy this thing besides ebay??


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      Re: How to find Ridgid tools?

      I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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        Re: How to find Ridgid tools?

        I hope that's not a serious answer, given the fact that the only thing Ridgid really has going for themselves is the LSA, which is not likely to fly from a purchase off of craigslist...


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          Re: How to find Ridgid tools?

          Even though you considered my response not "useful" it was a serious answer. AFAIK, the flashlight is not offered for sale as a stand alone items. That being the case, your only alternative is to buy if from someone who is selling it by itself, usually someone who is breaking up one of the kits. I'm curious though, why would you want to purchase what you consider inferior product from a company where the only thing going for them is their LSA Program?
          I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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            Re: How to find Ridgid tools?

            Originally posted by BadgerDave View Post
            ...a company where the only thing going for them is their LSA Program?
            You've answered the question for me.

            When my Ryobi drill dies, I'm going to spend another $60 to replace it. When my Ridgid dies ("when", not "if"), I'm not going to spend a dime. The LSA means these Ridgid tools should be some of the last cordless power tools I have to buy. Ridgid has nothing over Ryobi IMO, other than that LSA. If I'm going to buy a tool off an auction-type site with no LSA, it'll be a Ryobi, not a Ridgid at twice the price.

            The flashlight wasn't my biggest concern though. I can't even figure out what tools Ridgid sells, or from where. Ridgid and HD's websites are both lacking and it's becoming too much work to figure out what they even sell.


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              Re: How to find Ridgid tools?

              I'm sure others are more familiar with this than me but I believe Ryobi, Ridgid (not plumbing), AEG, Homelite and Milwaukee are all manufactured and owned by TTI Group. I'm not sure if Ridgid (not plumbing) is through licensing or how it is handled/owned but there is definitely a separation there somewhere.

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                Re: How to find Ridgid tools?

                Originally posted by NoFear13X View Post
                You've answered the question for me.
                No I didn't, I just repeated your words!

                I do disagree with your assessment that Ryobi tools have nothing over the Ridgid tools with the exception of the LAS. You are entitled to your opinion and so am I so lets just leave it at that.
                I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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                  Re: How to find Ridgid tools?

                  As a fan and owner of both Ryobi and Ridgid tools, let me tell you that they are both manufactured by TTI, which is a global manufacturer based in Hong Kong and with principle manufacturing in Taiwan and China. They also own and manufacture Milwaukee, AEG, Homelite, Dirt Devil, and a number of other brands, including some included in the Craftsman line.

                  From my own experience, Ryobi tools, though innovative, are not built to the same level as thier "Ridgid" and "Milwaukee" professional line. Generally speaking the overall build-quality (materials, motor construction, etc.) is superior with the professional line of tools.

                  As far as where and what, all you have to do is visit a Home Depot store or this website. While I agree that a better job could be done of detailing any of their tool line, I am sure that they (TTI) has it's own reasons or challenges for not elaborating beyond it's current efforts.

                  As a person with much experience in product support and marketing communications, "knowing what I would do" is not always in line with "what management wants to do or spend" on product support and promotion. Somethings are often perceived as not a good return on investment and that many products will simply sell themselves, once the reputation is earned and/or the the customer see's it. Of course I have no idea what TTI "thinks" about this.

                  But, with agreement that there is some lag in new product announcement, for the most part the Ridgid and Ryobi products are there at Home Depot for you to see first-hand. Specifications are on the box. Not a perfect world for many of us, but I don't view it as any kind of secret or stumbling block to you or I as possible buyers; and certainly, I don't view it as a barricade to fulfillng my need for a tool that I don't know anything about. I presume that your purchasing needs are based on demand of a project on your list and not on some perception that it would simply be nice to have, if you only knew it existed... but maybe I am wrong in that?

                  I hope this helps,



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                    Re: How to find Ridgid tools?

                    Originally posted by NoFear13X View Post
                    Ridgid has nothing over Ryobi IMO, other than that LSA. If I'm going to buy a tool off an auction-type site with no LSA, it'll be a Ryobi.........

                    Stanley Tools owns Snap-on. Does that mean that I should stop buying Snap-on and buy knuckle busting Stanley instead? Unlikely. Each brand is designed, engineered, and materials spec'd for a specific market. They are priced according to how they are built. Bushings vs. bearings, plastic vs. steel gears, the list goes on.

                    If you want cheap tools, and dont need something reliable and stout because you are not making a living with your tools, I surely would buy cheap tools. I however rely on my tools to not fail, I buy better stuff.

                    I buy Ryobi as a throw away tool. I have had good luck with them, but I always carry two of each just in case one fails in the middle of a job. The NI-CD batteries are dirt cheap as well. If you loose something, you are out maybe $100 bucks for a new kit.

                    The Ridgid products I own feel more durable, I do not feel the tools flex like I do with the Ryobi.(especially the drills when being worked hard) The Ridgid has more power in most cases too. Yes both tools get you to the finish line, but I would rather get there faster and ride in more comfort. I do wish that Ridgid had more individual tool offerings like Ryobi does.
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                      Re: How to find Ridgid tools?

                      There is no such thing as the perfect tool.
                      If such a tool does exist there would not be hundreds of variations !!!

                      Look at the simple tool we call the "hammer"...there are hundreds of styles,
                      designs, weights, etc. Each actually have a unique purpose.
                      Well, no one offers left handed hammers anymore [Ridgid did]

                      Now look at some of the major brands of cordless tools:

                      Harbor Freight

                      They all manufacture a 3/8 drill/driver [for example]
                      What makes them different other than color and price?

                      Well the ten dollar cordless drill has brittle/cheap plastic gears that won't last long
                      The thirty dollar unit has a better quality gears but an anemic motor.
                      The high end homeowner model has bushings and a better gear system and motor.
                      The professional high end very expensive model has bearings, metal gears, high torque
                      motor better run time, better ergonomics etc....

                      The purchaser/user has to make a decision as to what their needs are and perhaps
                      what their budget [or wife in some cases] delineate regarding the price they will pay.

                      The professional who relies on the tool to earn a living wants a tool that will not fail
                      running 5-7 hours a day under tough conditions. He also wants comfort, and fast
                      reliable product service should it be required.

                      The homeowner who uses the tool maybe once a week or less simply wants to
                      remember where he put it last!

                      For the homeowner who likes having tools available yet only uses them occasionally
                      I truly would suggest you pass up battery operated tools. Get a quality corded tool,
                      a GFCI type extension cord and have fun!

                      The reason is simple, when you need the tool the batteries will be dead as you never
                      have kept them charged up! You will complain about the product. Batteries do not last forever
                      and if not properly managed will have even a shorter life! Then you'll really complain about
                      replacement batteries....

                      For some reason all the battery tool folks have eliminated the trickle charge mode.
                      You charge your battery [fast] and you have to remove it from the charger. They
                      do not want you to keep the battery in the charger when the charging cycle is

                      Now I realize this is also due to the new battery chemistry etc. never the less,
                      the casual power tool user will always experience a dead or weak battery just when
                      they need to use the power tool!

                      In a similar direction computer printers are cheap no a days ! But they really screw you
                      big time with their ink cartridges!!! Well the tool is less costly and the batteries are expensive.

                      Regarding product availability I have to agree Ridgid is missing the boat big time by not offering
                      their tools separately! E-bay, Craig's list are the only sources for new single tools.
                      Some places offer refurbished tools singly but I avoid anything refurbished!

                      Many folks buy up large Ridgid kits on sale, split them up and sell off pieces at a good price yet
                      they make a profit. Look at the Ridgid tool bags..Never at Home Depot,
                      plentiful at E-bay.... 18v 3ah lithium-ion batteries at home Depot $99.00 +tax
                      if they have any...On E-bay average price $75.00 [new]

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                        Re: How to find Ridgid tools?

                        I think the author of this thread was just expressing his frustration and he is not alone. No, it's not a perfect world, but that's not an excuse for Ridgid not showcasing their tools. I think my Ridgid cordless tools are a cut above my Ryobi, but it's disappointing that I can't get a better selection in the Ridgid line. Home depot sells a bare tool Ryobi 1/2" impact wrench for $99, the stronger DeWalt is $149, why isn't there a Ridgid to choose from? I know, it's not a perfect world.

                        Maybe it's our curious nature that needs answers, but I still think Ridgid could be making a lot more sales if they offered a wider selection of cordless tools, had them in stock at Home Depot, and sold them separately. Clearly that is not the way Ridgid does business, just beats the heck out of me why? Folks will still want the kit, but think of all the additional sales from those wanting to increase their inventory? I know we can pick up some odds and ends off Ebay by those who are parting out kits, but that's no way to do business! I wouldn't even care if the LSA was dropped on separate tool purchases, just keep it on the kit and Ridgid would still beat a lot of competitors. Remember, you can't beat the competition if you don't offer a similar tool. Then again if one company owns several of these tool lines, there is no competition. I'm confused.


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                          Re: How to find Ridgid tools?

                          I agree with Frank. It has always been a mystery to me why the Ridgid web site is so woeful regarding product information. This is especially true, since Ridgid and Home Depot have an exclusive marketing arrangement for the handheld power tool line. It would seem to be so simple to keep it up to date, yet it is very common for a product that has been available for several months to not be found in the Ridgid web site.
                          I agree with several of the forum members who have found Ridgid power tools to be of a higher quality and more usable and depaendable than Ryobi......Ray


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                            Re: How to find Ridgid tools?

                            Ray (and everyone else),

                            Probably just speculation on my part, as I really don't know the lines of communications between TTI and the great guys who are charged with maintaining the Ridgid website. But, I think it is easy to overlook (and for me anyway, not totally comprehend the challenges the Ridgid website support team faces) the fact that TTI is the designer, manufacturer, marketing force and logistics management of the "orange" Ridgid-branded power tool line. And I presume that since Josh and his support are in Elyria, Ohio... that they are employees of Emerson-owned "Ridgid", whose primary purpose is the support and promotion of the "Ridgid" plumbing, shop vac, and electrical tool line (not sure if I covered all of what is Emerson's "Ridgid" products).

                            So if my comprehension is even close to being correct, TTI probably has better ties and places more importance on communicating with its retailer "Home Depot" than it does with the Emerson Electric and the good folks who are responsible for this website.

                            One would only hope that the communications from TTI would improve, but time will only tell.



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                              Re: How to find Ridgid tools?

                              Good discussion. Apologies for the inconvenience.

                              When core tools (drills, saws, even plumbing products) aren't on the site in time it is completely my fault. We, at RIDGID in Ohio, manage and sometimes miss getting a product up in a timely fashion.

                              Sometimes, a tool won't make it into the stores (a la the bare tools) and I am hesitant to put it on the site if it is only availabe on Additionally, there are often store "tests" for a product to see if it will roll out across the country based on sales performance. I don't put the product on the site unless it makes the cut.

                              As for the conspiracy theories about TTI and Emerson, we actually know and work with each other very well. As you point out, there is a lot going on and things get missed. I appreciate the forum calling us on those as it helps us improve.

                              As for the completeness of the line, I think the JobMax platform is allowing us to go into more niche categories than we used because of the versatility. There are also more products on the 18V road map than I've seen for a while, including some asked about here. Sorry Frankie, no impact wrenches...

                              Of course it does not sit well when the forum points out our deficiencies in products, marketing or service. However, we take it to heart and use the examples in our meetings. Please keep them coming and us honest.

                              Thanks to everyone for the posts and discussion.