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Where to buy Ridgid power tools?

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  • Where to buy Ridgid power tools?

    I posted this in the "Ask The Experts" forum also, but with no useful replies, so maybe the question is better asked here instead...

    I recently purchased the R963 5-piece 18V X3 kit, which I'm thrilled with. I even went on to purchase the 12V combo kit with a drill and job-max, which, despite the drill breaking in a rather pathetic way within 3 weeks, I'm still happy with the purchases overall.

    My issue now is that I'd like to purchase additional tools for the sets, and I can't find them for the life of me. is terrible. There's probably no need for further explaination in what I'm referring to, but the information is limited, often inaccurate, dated and overall just useless. is slightly more helpful, but I'm assuming poorly laid out, as simple searches often come up with nothing. For instance, I saw a picture in another forum thread showing a 2-pc 12V drill and impact driver combo -- a tool I didn't even know existed. I search on for "ridgid impact", and I only get the 18V model and jobmax stuff. I search for "ridgid 12V" and it comes up with a good selection of tools but still no impact driver. Only a search for "12V impact" actually came up with the individual tool I was looking for linked below.

    So with the obvious resources exhausted, where do I go for Ridgid power tool info? This complete lack of reliable information is literally preventing me from purchasing more Ridgid tools. Maybe there's a way to get some contact info for my local rep so he can source some of the tools I'm looking for?

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    Re: Where to buy Ridgid power tools?

    just type "ridgid" on home depot web site. Other than there ebay amazon etc....