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  • Miter track

    I am hoping someone may have an answer to this question before I order the miter track. I have the 4511 granite tabletop saw and have an extra miter gauge. I just recently built a router table and want to use the extra miter gauge for that. Does anyone know if the miter gauge fits in the aftermarket miter track? I cant seem to find any info on this. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Mike in South Carolina

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    Re: Miter track

    I have no idea what the 4511 miter gauge looks like, so the answer depends on its configuration.

    Typically, a miter gauge bar (the part that slides in the miter slot) is 3/4 wide by about 3/8 deep, IIRC. On some, but not all, table saws, the miter slot and matching miter gauge bar is designed similar to a T-track, so that the miter bar slides into the end of the miter track in a manner where it cannot fall or simply be lifted out of the slot.

    If the miter bar on the 4511 is so designed, it may not fit into a standard 3/4-inch wide slot. (see below... not to scale)

    I hope this helps,

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      Re: Miter track

      Thank you CWSMITH for the quick reply. After careful measuring it appears it will work. I was concerned with the t flange at the end of the bar stock since the t height was .14 inches. The ridgid miter gauge will clear it fine. Again, thank for taking the time to reply.