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    To pile on to the requests above... MODERATOR, PLEASE REVIVE the above pictures in this thread.. there are several people that would benefit greatly from gaining access to this info again. Thanks!


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      Ever since the revised lay out and change to the newer forum, things have not been the same. Hardly visit anymore because of all the gliches. I reentered my photos to see if that would correct the problem. I am now able to see them but apparently no one else can.



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        Man... that's a shame.. I'm brand new to this and am really excited to join the discussion.. big letdown. I wonder if there's a permissions setting or something that has to be tweaked.. or shoot, you could just start a whole new thread! Either way, thank you for the reply.

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        Also noted you're a U.S. Marine... from one jarhead to another.. Semper Fi.

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      Ron - is there any way I could talk you into posting the same info in a brand new thread and/or shooting me a private message with the same? If not no biggie, but I know your system works based on the feedback and I'd be interested to set up something similar with mine. Thanks and Semper Fi.


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        Most shop vacuums are not powerful enough for the job. The warning is telling you that insufficient dust collection could cause a fire. I have a 4" dc and even it has trouble keeping up at times. Imo, if you don't have a good dc system, you are better off removing the dust shoot and letting the dust fall below. I would also advise not using an elbow. It's better to use a 4" flex hose so it's a more gradual curve.


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          Using 4 inch is fine if you have enough flow. Smaller vacs won't have enough cfm to maintain the velocity through the 4 inch to stop settling of dust like a dust collector system which even a small one will have double the airflow. Vacs roughly 200 cfm dust collector 400 and up

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        I just purchase a new R4512 saw. Love the images and posting Ron! Thanks, this was easy to put together and with some silicon spray made the coupler fit and slide on easier too. Thank again!


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          Ron, your post was so helpful. Thank you!
          I got the same parts you got, but I wanted to leave the new hose in my shop vac, so I used flex-drain to attach to the dust chute.


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            Originally posted by lreops View Post
            [ATTACH=CONFIG]temp_15084_1422833008135_845[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]temp_15090_1422833025818_31[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]temp_15089_1422833037721_32[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]temp_15088_1422833047728_921[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]temp_15087_1422833059197_604[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]temp_15086_1422833068464_944[/ATTACH] Re: dust collection question -r4512

            Having no Dust Collecting System and having to rely on a shop Vac, I came up with a solution with the R4512 TS. Being that the dust chute is four inches and my shop Vav is only 2½", I figured out a simple solution to the problem.

            I went to my local HD and got one of these;


            I also got this adapter set;


            I inserted the 2½ adapter so that it would be flush inside the smaller end;


            I also got another hose so that I could keep it hooked up all of the time instead of climbing under the saw every time to hook it up. Not that it's a big deal because with the adapter, to hook it up is the same as hooking into the Vac itself;


            The one thing I hadn't counted on was the longer length of the connector of the newer hose. So, I just used the older original hose from the Shop Vac. If need be, it would not take much effort to cut down or shorten the new connector. The main reason for having the shorter connector is because of the lift system, there's not much room to play with. This shows the difference between the new and old hoses;


            Now, the installation is pretty simple once you give the inside of the connector a light coating of 3 in 1 oil so that it will easily slide onto the dust chute. Because the rubber connector is 3" and you're putting it on a 4" chute, it takes a little muscling and stretching to get it on, but with the oil coating, not very hard;

            Ah oh....can't post any more images within this post
   be continued
            Thank you very much for your post. This was very helpful. I can't wait to buy the parts and put it together.


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              You can buy an adapter online that fits perfectly.