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Trouble with Casters on R4512

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  • Trouble with Casters on R4512

    Is anyone else having a hard time to make the casters work on the Model 4512. I have spent a good 3 hours just on the casters. Either I can't follow instructions or something is wrong with the way they put it together. Please help me!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Trouble with Casters on R4512

    What I did was lay the casters and bars out on my workbench in the same exact perspective as the instructions show and made sure the levers that pushes the wheels down were on the bottom. So basically you need to put it together up side down.

    I was pretty happy I got it right as it is a bit confusing the only problem is when you let the saw back down it comes down kind of hard and I haven't put the blade on yet but it seems like it will knock the blade out of alignment. I'll soon see.

    Other than that these are some of the best straight forward instructions I've seen in a long time.
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