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TS2410LS blade alignment

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  • TS2410LS blade alignment

    I discoverd today that the blade for my saw is not parallel to the miter slot. I can adjust the fence to be parallel to the blade, but is there a way to adjust the blade?? It's off maybe 1/32 from front to back ... just enough to cause problems with stock going through the saw.

    Also, they must have had a gorilla attach the blade because the arbor nut was on so tight I had to use a 3 foot pipe over the wrench to break it free. Of course, in all of the wrangling that preceded this effort to get the nut off, I stripped the flats on the inside arbor shaft. Grrr. The nearest service center to me is 50 miles away. I suppose I can just replace the arbor assembly myself. It looks easy if I get the part, but I'll have to pay. I guess that's the trade-off ... pay for the part ... or drive 50 miles, drop the saw, wait until it's serviced, and then drive back to get it.



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    Re: TS2410LS blade alignment

    I don't own that particular saw but my WAG would be that you'll have to reposition the table slightly in order to aligh the blade with the miter slot. Look in your Owners Manual to see how the top is fastened to the frame and go from there.
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      Re: TS2410LS blade alignment

      Figured it out.

      The motor assembly is attached directly to the table top with four black flat head screws (need 3/16 allen wrench). These screws attach to threaded washers.

      I removed the two rear screws and aligned the blade to the fence, noticing that the holes for the screws were now misaligned. Drilled it out to elongate the holes and reattached everything. All good now.