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Great deal on Ridgid pinner

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  • Great deal on Ridgid pinner

    When my HF pin nailer finally died (I bought cheap because I wasn't sure how much I'd use it...I used it a lot!) I started looking for a better pinner.
    I usually check Ridgid tools first because of the LSA, and HD came thru once again. The first HD I went to had none (clerk didn't know what I was talking about). The second store only had one (model R138HPA) and it was on clearance for $43. Of course it wouldn't scan at the register and I held up the checkout line until a tool clerk and manager finally decided the discount label that they put on the item was actually correct. I also had a 10% off coupon so the bottom line was $38.70.

    I guess I'm lucky and have good timing because I've bought several Ridgid tools at HD and just happened to be shopping when they were closing them out and got very good deals. I can put up with with their less than stellar employees when my wallet feels good