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ridgid wood lathe wl1200

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  • ridgid wood lathe wl1200

    i have been looking at one of these on CL:

    i don;t know anythng about lathes yet, but it's the last significant tool i don't yet have. anyone here have one who would care to render an opinion as to it's usefullness for turning table legs and other types of spindles? it is set up but reportedly unused. comes with 2 ssets of chisels and a ridgid mobile base. seller is asking $300, but i see it going for somewhere between $200 and $300. it is, again reportedly, complete with a leg set as shown in the manual.

    i do realize that the minimum speed for the motor is felt by some to be too fast for handling large, irregularly shaped material. is the 1/2hp TEFC induction motor conducive with a rheostat to regulate speed? if yes, has anyone tried it and what were the results? if no, is it because induction motors' speed cannot be regulated by a rheostat? info appreciated.
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    Re: ridgid wood lathe wl1200

    I think I would look at a mini or midi lathe with a 20" extension. You'll have the same capacity (swing) and with the optional bed extension the same length capacity between centers.

    There are a number of manufacturers to choose from, I can't speak to the quality of any as I don't have one, I have a NOVA, but I did when I was looking to buy a couple years ago look at many of them and knowing what the WL1200 is I would rather put another hundred or so into a midi lathe over the WL1200. I suspect the chisel sets are not much either as fas as quality if they are tossing them in at that price. A starter set of medium quality chisels can go for $300 themselves.
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