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  • Lazer Adjustments

    I have the 12" Compound Miter. The Lazer is about 1/4" off the cut to the left. Can the Lazer be adjusted?

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    Re: Lazer Adjustments

    When I first got my 12" SCMS, I had a problem with the Lazer not adjusting correctly. When I tried to adjust it, it would only go further to the left and not towards the right like I needed it to go. I ended up taking it apart and very gently got to the underside of the actual lazer and lifted it ever so slightly. Probably not more than a 64th to a 32nd of an inch. Like I said "Very Slightly". Put it all back together and I was now able, with the adjustment screw, to adjust both to the left and to the right of the cut. Have done numerous cuts since and have not had to readjust it again.

    Hope this helps for your Lazer.