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TS3660 table saw has crack in the table

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  • TS3660 table saw has crack in the table

    I noticed this the other day when I was cleaning it. It runs down the center from back to front. It is about two years old.
    Does the warranty cover this?
    How does this happen? Is it from getting too cold? I kept the heater on in my shop all winter so it never got below freezing. Also, it didn't happen the first winter I had it so I om wondering why it happened now?

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    Re: TS3660 table saw has crack in the table

    i have 5 cast iron surfaces in my inheated garage/shop and no evidence of cracking in any of them. i'd contact ridgid CS and request a new top. thye may ask that the asaw be taken to an authorized repair shop to effect the switch, but that's better than paying for the new top yourself. hopefully, you have your receipt and you've registered the saw with the Lifetime Service Agreement for repairs beyond the 3 year guaranty which accompanies new tools. i've aways found ridgid responsive. if the CS rep i get doesn't provide an acceptable response, i'll either call back and hopefully get a more receptive CS rep or start moving up the managment hierarchy until i find the person who is willing to authorize what i'm requesting . good luck.
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      Re: TS3660 table saw has crack in the table

      If you are the original owner of this saw then the standard warranty should cover this. If it's out of warranty then the LLSA should cover its replacement assuming you signed up for the LLSA.
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        Re: TS3660 table saw has crack in the table

        I agree with both Finer and Badger Dave's posts. You're still under the warranty period or covered by the LLSA. Frankly, considering the approx age that you've given (and Ridgid well know by the serial number), the cast iron table to should be covered regardless. Unless you've been using the table top as a fire base there's nothing that would normally "crack" it.

        I'm not a metalurgcal engineer, but from my experience in a heavy industry, cast iron does have stresses that occur during the casting process and it sounds to me like the top may have been machined too early. While I've no experience with making table tops of cast iron, I do know that cast iron (gray iron) as used in the compressor industry (heavy industrial stuff) needs to be aged over a fairly long period of time before it is machined. We often have castings setting as much as two years (in a field set aside for that purpose) just to age. Of course thinner plates as used for table saws wouldn't need nearly that length of time, I would think, but if they are prematurely machined and put into service there is a chance that it could crack.

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          Re: TS3660 table saw has crack in the table

          If for some reason Ridgid doesn't cover this, you might find that an older Craftsman contractor saw top will fit....the saws have some lineage in common, and all you need is the 20" wide x 27" deep main cast iron top.