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Battery question from 2003 purchase

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  • Battery question from 2003 purchase

    I bought my Ridgid tool set back in 2003. I have the four piece combo, as well as an angle grinder and sander.
    I also searched the forum on "warranty 2003" to see if I could find any info.

    The Ridgid literature at the time didn't say anything about registering the hardware. The original warranty information can be found here:

    I'm pretty sure I registered because that's the kind of guy I am. I still have the original receipts.

    It's been almost 10 years. I'm a light user and occasional military deployer; I'm not a pro and these things have been great but just aren't holding a charge very long any more. Anyone have any experience swapping out really old batteries with faded receipts?

    I tried calling the Tucson local dealer, but can't get an answer until Monday.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Battery question from 2003 purchase

    Supposed to be able to get batteries as long as you are alive.



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      Re: Battery question from 2003 purchase

      Likely you have the Ni-cad batteries. 8 years of abuse is not bad.
      Go to E-bay and buy some new batteries. or get them rebuilt.

      Cactus Man
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        Re: Battery question from 2003 purchase

        Yes, they're old 18.0 volt NiCd MaxHC batteries. I don't see any definitive "yes" or "no" that people have had problems without registering, so that's encouraging. I'll call the local authorized dealer on Monday and see what I need. I'll bring in all my receipts and a copy of the PDF that doesn't say you have to register.


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          Re: Battery question from 2003 purchase

          It's my understanding that when TTI first started offering the LLSA Program they allowed a window of opportunity for pre-LLSA purchased tools to be registered into the Program. Anyone failing to take advantage of the offer at that time would not be able to take advantage of the LLSA in the future. Hopefully, you'll find a sympathetic ear at the Service Center and maybe something can be worked out.
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            Re: Battery question from 2003 purchase


            First and foremost, let me thank you for your military service! You guys are the best!

            Now, for the really good news... During the introduction of the new (at the time) "orange" Ridgid line of tools, the LLSA (as it later became) was automatic! I'll have to dig up my copy of the original advertizing flyer, but IIRC any tool purchased up to and through January 30, 2004 was provided free service, including parts and labor for all the components currently covered by the LLSA.

            No registration was required, just a copy of your sales receipt. The Ridgid Service Center should be able to determine the tools date by the serial number, but of course that doesn't mean you're the original owner... so the sales receipt is essential I believe.

            After this original "introduction" warranty/service program, there was awhile when the tools only had the 3-year warranty. Again, IIRC the Limitid Lifetime Service Agreement was re-introduced as an incentive to purchase AND REGISTER, in spring of 2005. That was about the time when the new pneumatic nailers were added to the product line. So, for most of 2004 and the first couple of months of 2005, Ridgid power tools only had a 3-year warranty.

            But for your particular purchases made in 2003, they should be covered by the "Introductory" Lifetime Service for parts, and that includes batteries and chargers!

            I don't have those old introductory files here, but I will be returning to the other house tomorrow and I'll look up the actual details and post it if you'd like.

            Welcome to the Ridgid forum and again, thank you for your military service,



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              Re: Battery question from 2003 purchase

              Charlie, I suppose it could be just different interpretations but they way I read the copy of the warranty Wayne provided the link for is that it only covers defects as far as the wear and tear items are concerned. I don't think that the old warranty terms entitle anyone to a new battery or any other wear and tear part that has simply run through its life cycle. But as I said, it could just be different interpretations of the written word.
              I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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                Re: Battery question from 2003 purchase


                That link seems to be taking forever... but from your description, I believe it is the "old" Lifetime warranty that was in effect up to around mid-2003. Basically, it was very much like the existing warranty on Ridgid shop vacs, which covers defects in material and workmanship for the "life" of the machine. And that of course doesn't cover components from simply wearing out (like those non-replaceable motor brushes in the shop vac line). That "Lifetime Warranty" on Ridgid power tools was for the "gray" stationary woodworking product line.

                But, what I think Wayne is referring to and what I am familiar with (discounting a total collapse of my memory of course) is that when Ridgid licensed the manufacturing over to TTI, TTI introduced the "orange" product line. That was in mid-2003 as I recall (I'm thinking August or September). That new line of tools consisted of a number of hand-held tools, which "Ridgid" did not have before this new introduction. Also, many of the older Ridgid (Emerson Electric) stationary tools designs were also brought over and re-introduced by TTI as part of the new "orange" line of tools. (Some of the old stationary tools were dropped though, like the scroll saw and the dust collector.)

                In any case, when the new product line was introduced it was heavily hyped by Home Depot and during the introductory period, the advertisement included a lifetime service agreement, that covered motors, bearings, switches, batteries, chargers, etc. "for lifetime". I believe that it was done to provide customer confidence in the new product line. That introductory lifetime service agreement did not require any registration, IIRC. It did require that the receipt be kept in order to prove that you purchased it within the specified "introductory" period. That period terminated at the end of January 2004, as I recall.

                I purchased the 1/4-sheet and ROS sanders during that time period and also purchased the older gray-colored 1550 drill press (only difference between that and the current model is the color). Though the 1550 had the old "Lifetime Warranty", it was covered under the LLSA because I made the purchase during the introductory period. (The Service Agreement did not specify what color the tool has to be, only that it be a "Ridgid tool".

                From February 2004 through some time in 2005, there was no LLSA offered and therefore the tools purchased during that period were only covered by the 3-year warranty. But, when the new LLSA was made a standard offer (with registration), there was a "window of opportunity" to register any of the orange Ridgid tools that might have been recently purchased. I made sure that my original 2003 purchases were properly "registered" into the new system, even though I don't think it was necessary.

                So, it looks like my return to Binghamton has been put off a day and therefore I won't be able to grab my tool files until late Tuesday. No scanner there, so I'll just take a digital photo of the flyer and it's LSA statement and then post it here. Hey, I don't throw anything away when it comes to warranty or service agreements.

                I hope this helps,

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                  Re: Battery question from 2003 purchase

                  Well, if my interpretation of the date is correct, the Home Depot flyer from October, 2003... the number reads "10/12-3" It's simply titled, "We're America's larget Tool Box", but I believe it was in early October 2003. It included a "RIDGID" insert introducing the "New Ridgid Power Tool Family" and on Page 3 it announces "Free Service for a Lifetime" and has a logo "Limited Lifetime Service Warranty"

                  The copy reads as follows:

                  "Limited Lifetime Service Warranty on all Ridgid handheld and stationary power tools purchased between September 1 -- December 31, 2003

                  Includes free service on normal wear items like batteries, brushes, motors, gears and switches.

                  Bring you tool with original purchase receipt to your local Authorized Service Center for Ridgid Power tools

                  Blades, Bitgs, Sanding Paper and other Consumable Accessories Also excludes misuse and abuse of tool

                  All Ridgid handheld and stationary power tools normally include 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee and a best in class 3 year warranty that covers manufacturer's defects."

                  In another sales flyer, dated 11/27-3, on the last page it reads, "December is the last month to get the limited lifetime warranty" For some reason, I do recall that this was extended to the end of January, but I don't have any proof that I could find.

                  So, it looks like this introductory "Limited Lifetime Warranty" was only from September to December, 2003 as an introduction to the new product line. After that the Ridgid tools were covered by the 90-day Satisfaction and the 3-year warranty.

                  However, a Home Depot flyer dated 10/13-5 (October 13, 2005 ?) on page 2, it states: "Ridgid introduces the industry's first limited lifetime service agreement. This includes free replacement on batteries, free services, and free replacement parts." There were no details in the flyer regarding registration, but the card that was packed with each tool explained in full the details of the required registration.

                  So, there a basically three different warranties or Service Agreements covering Ridgid power tools within the last couple of decades:

                  Prior to September 2003, there was "Lifetime Warranty" which covered the tools against defects in material and workmanship. These were for the older "gray" tools, produced by Emerson Electric's "Ridgid" tool product line. (Either directly or through sub-contractors in Taiwan and China.) These tools were all "stationary" as far as I know.

                  From September 1 to December 30, 2003 there was a "Limited Lifetime Warranty" on the new "orange" product line. This was offered by TTI, who was now producing these tools under license to use the "Ridgid" brand name. In addition to the existing stationary product line, there was a number new "portable" tools introduced.

                  From January 1, 2004 until approximately October 1, 2005 all of the Ridgid-brand portable and stationary product tools were covered with the 3-year warranty... and there was no "Limited Lifetime Service Agreement".

                  From approximately October 1, 2005 to present all of the Ridgid-brand portable and stationary product tools are covered by a 3-year warranty and optionally, with proper registration, can be covered by a "Limited Lifetime Service Agreement".

                  I hope this is helpful,


                  (ps, no scanner here and I don't have the software to transfer a photo off my camera. I'm returning on Friday and will post a couple of scans that afternoon, if time permits.)


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                    Re: Battery question from 2003 purchase

                    Hypothetically then, because Ridge Tool/TTI allowed all tools purchased prior to the introduction of the LLSA to be registered into the LLSA Program does that make all earlier Lifetime Warranties null and void? Probably not but be prepared for a hassle when trying to get service done under those old "warranties" and be sure to bring all applicable paperwork with you when going to the Service Center.
                    I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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                      Re: Battery question from 2003 purchase

                      in the 8 years i've owned both older, gray ridgid staionary power tools, and newer, orange LSA registered tools, i've never had a problem having ridgid either send me a replacement part for free or repairing anything that has ceased operating properly, also for free.
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