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24v vs 18v

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  • 24v vs 18v

    A couple (maybe more) of years ago I made the choice to upgrade from 18v to 24 v cordless tools for very obvious (in my mind) performance reasons. Now that Ridgid has discontinued the 24v line (due to lack of homeowner interest in the more expensive tools) I have to rely on EBay to get new components, and the snail pace LSA replacement system for worn out parts. Does anyone have any insight into whether Ridgid may resurrect their industrial grade (read 24v) tool line again?

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    Re: 24v vs 18v

    Good luck... I have barking up this tree for years. I have all of the Maxselect Tools including a few Kits. Lucky for me, Home Depot had forsale the 3 piece kits online only 6 months ago for 199.99, I wish i would bought a few of them just for the batteries, but I only bought one. The 24v line by far is my favorite Ridgid cordless tools. I have an X3 18v that sits in a bag and rarely gets used as I like the 24v power other the bells and wistles of the X3. I don't know what to say, except that Ridgid has left us MaxSelect owners out in the cold without as much as a simple "I'm sorry, but they are done". Heck, the new improved Ridgid Jobsite Radio doesnt even support the 24v Battery.... for the life od me I dont know WTH Ridgid was thinking on that. I highly doubt the pennies they pinched to save a buck on not supporting the 24v battery was worth it. I havent bought one for that reason, they dicked me over a few pennies to alow it it use the batteries I already own. Same thing with the new Mulit-Voltage charger... 9.6-18v ONLY.... WHY? I just don't get it.