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Ridgid BS14002 parts

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  • Ridgid BS14002 parts

    I just received a replacement upper shaft/hinge wheel assembly for my Ridgid band saw. It came in 2 pieces with out including new pins for the pivot points. Does anyone know how to get the pressed in pins out of the old assembly?
    I can't believe this part did not come as one complete unit.


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    Re: Ridgid BS14002 parts

    I don't have your saw, but assuming they are "through" holes, a drift pin punch and a hammer should get them out.


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      Re: Ridgid BS14002 parts

      Therein lay the problem. The pins are pressed into a blind socket.
      I got it apart. Liberal application of a hacksaw, a chisle and a big.....hammer. I cut apart the casting and then beat the socket until it cracked. The pins fell right out.
      I put all the new parts together and reassembeled the saw and it works. The next step is to see if I can take some of the vibration out of the beast.