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Ridgid Jointe purchase.....Home Depot issue need help

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  • Ridgid Jointe purchase.....Home Depot issue need help

    Okay so here's the deal.... on May 6 I went to Home Depot and spotted a price tag on the shelf for the Ridgid Jointer and it was for $257, so I asked if they had any in stock and they said no. I asked if the other store on the other side of my island had any and they said they had 1 showing in stock and that number might mean that they actually have none. They put in a transfer request for me and gave me the transfer request paper with the quote price of $257. Earlier today they called me and said that the transfer got denied because it was a clearance item and they can't transfer any clearance items.

    So tonight I called the other store and they had 1 left in stock but the price is showing at $386. I called my store and asked them what their price was and the lady said it was also $386. I explain to her about the $257 price and she goes back and looks at the previous prices and sure enough it was priced at $257, May 9 was the last day of that price. So she says that I could buy it at the other store and bring the receipt in to them and get the price adjusted. I go ahead and purchase the Jointer over the phone and I am going to pick it up tomorrow. While purchasing it I get a call from the Home Depot in my town saying that she talked to the manager and he said that it was a mistake and that he would not adjust the price for me.

    I already purchased it and I will go pick it up from the other store tomorrow morning.... the other store is 100 miles away btw. Anyways I am still going to go back to my local Home Depot and try to get it adjusted because I feel that they should give it to me for that price.... I have the quote from them and I also have the tag that was on the shelf.

    What do you guys think? and any advice as how I should handle this?
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    Re: Ridgid Jointe purchase.....Home Depot issue need help

    if you don' get satisfaction at the store, call the corporate customer service number (800 homedepot). they've been pretty helpful of late as HD strives to maintain/increase it's market in this tough economy. if all else fails, try to get them to honor a harbor freight "20% off any single item coupon". that would save you around $77. remember to register it with the LSA program from ridgid. good luck (BTW, it's a great jointer!).
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      Re: Ridgid Jointe purchase.....Home Depot issue need help

      It doesn't matter what we think. All that matters is what the manager(s) at the respective HD's are willing to do. Having said that, if the price at both HD's was $386 on the day that you actually purchased the jointer than you're pretty much SOL.
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        Re: Ridgid Jointe purchase.....Home Depot issue need help

        " gave me the transfer request paper with the quote price of $257 "

        So, they gave you a paper when you agreed to buy it and have it transfered, listing the transaction as $257; and now they say it went up to $386?!

        Bullocks. You have $257 on paper. That is a contract, as far as I know.

        Now I know something on clearance at one store may very well not be on clearance at another store, for whichever reasons.

        But, if they quote you the price, then it can't magically go up for whatever reason they see fit. Imagine if anything you order or special order - and have quoted on paper - could magically go up 50% in price?!

        And, if it is Home Depot's mistake ... they should eat it, honor the agreement and make you happy.

        And, just like when a store forgets to remove the promotional pricing sticker: the listed price on the shelf in the store = legal selling price.

        I caught something like this a few months ago. It was only a small amount and they probably were still quite a ways above wholesale cost. There are quite a number of things that fly under the radar, pricing wise, that are most often to the consumer's disadvantage. It is not uncommon for any store's computer to have some missing updates as far as weekly sales flyer pricing (promo price not in the computer) and the number of times I've picked up item X at price Y ... only to get a different price at the register than what I remember because the item is in the wrong spot.

        Last year we learned that even the price match can be incorrect. We had HD do a price match on a dozen special order items and the individual discounted numbers didn't add up right. You didn't even need a calculator to prove it: HD list = $X. Lowe's $Y => Pricematch = $Y-10% = Z ... and why I am supposed to pay $$$ more? If it says 10% discount, that's not 5%.

        They can very well just ring you up at $257 with an override for competitor price matching discount, to keep it simple.

        I would call HD Corporate and give them some store feedback and get a complaint in.

        Edit: Of course, if you do not have it on paper, as BadgerDave read it, there will be no luck sorting it out in your favor. Other than maybe some gift card for the trouble.
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          Re: Ridgid Jointe purchase.....Home Depot issue need help

          Yeah I will call the corporate office if they refuse to honor the $257. I have it on paper as a quote and I have the price tag that was posted on the floor.


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            Re: Ridgid Jointe purchase.....Home Depot issue need help


            Welcome to the Ridgid Forum.

            I'm afraid that I'm going to have to agree with Badger Dave's post. In most cases, the jointer has been dropped from Home Depot's inventory, because (as I've been told) it's a slow moving item. I bought mine almost a year ago at a clearance price of around $350, minus a requested 10% discount. Many people at the time, got a much better price than I did, because their particular locality's manager gave a much better clearance price. It is usually up to the local store or regional manner and my area just wasn't discounting the way other regions were.

            But, about three months ago, I saw a jointer in my local store that was marked down to about $240.... and I asked about it. It was the floor model, no other stock, and therefore they needed to get rid of it. Although it appeared to be in good condition and complete, the "management" felt that it was in "as is" condition and therefore without any further store support.

            Now, if I had followed your procedure and looked elsewhere and was lucky enough to find one, new in box, somewhere else; I seriously doubt that I could have gotten it for that particular unit's "clearance price".

            One of the problems/perceptions of Home Depot, is that every "orange apron" has an opinion. Talk to two different people and you'll get two different answers, usually. So, you can imagine the difference between two different stores. Bottom line is that one store does not have to match or even address "sale prices" in another store... much less match them. It's a local store manager choice. And, whether you have it on paper or not, the legality would be very much in the wording of your "price" quotation and there is of course no way to know at this point (probably) whether that low price was only for that particular unit which may have possibly been for the floor model, one that was returned, or whatever.

            Bottom line is that you probably got a fair price for a very good tool. The Ridgid jointer has a very good reputation. While I think you have some reason to argue your case with the local store, I do believe that whoever told you that they would price match a distant store's purchase, was out-of-line. Apparently the store manager feels that way too. You may have luck in your attempt to be satisfied, but I'm more in thinking that would be a rare possibility and if you are truly dissatisfied, your only alternative will be to return the product within 90-days of purchase and get a refund. But, that's like "cutting your nose off to spite your face". The price paid is a fair price for a brand new, in box, jointer of this caliber.

            BTW if you keep it, don't forget to go through the proper steps to register it for the Limited Lifetime Service Agreement.



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              Re: Ridgid Jointe purchase.....Home Depot issue need help

              Thanks for the reply CWS, I will keep you guys posted on what happens. Either way I am happy that I found one of these jointers.... especially where I live it would be very expensive for me to have a jointer shipped here and other brand of comparative specs are much more expensive. So I am definitely keeping it even if I don't get it for the original quoted price.


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                Re: Ridgid Jointe purchase.....Home Depot issue need help

                After reading CWS's comment ...

                I have to add a footnote to my comment and admit I didn't realize the "1 in stock" at the other store was the store display and at the third store it was true stock being new in box.

                Read too fast and typed to quickly. mea culpa

                I was going by all items new in box items going on clearance/sale and having a quoted price for such.

                Last one on display clearance price vs new in box price. Ah. Tough nut.

                But, the thing that Home Depot also refuses to do is clearly disclose that the clearance is for that last item on display. They just put the reduced price sticker on the shelf and you are led to believe that the regular in box items are going for that price and sold. Considering HD is a chain store, that implies to the customer a nationwide price drop for that particular item.

                True that you can talk to different aprons and get different stories. Different store, different day, different experience.

                Speaking of experiences & customer service. I "miss" our local assistant manager. She wasn't here very long, but one of the best people I have ever met working at Home Depot, putting customers first, listening to feedback (our HD wasn't very good) and a make things right person. She fixed a $500 appliance rebate issue through HD HQ (we couldn't file the rebate by the deadline because we were still waiting for delivery of the last appliance and needed all serial numbers to qualify) ... another staff member would probably have said tough luck. Hopefully she promoted to a higher position out of state.


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                  Re: Ridgid Jointe purchase.....Home Depot issue need help

                  Just to clarify there were no open box/floor models involved at any of the two stores mentioned. It was for brand new in box and they were trying to transfer one over from another store but called me yesterday saying they couldn't find any. I'll keep you guys posted and like I said I am happy that I even found one.... now if I could just get my yards on a bandsaw


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                    Re: Ridgid Jointer purchase.....Home Depot issue need help

                    Hey guys so I picked it up this morning and worked with the HD that I bought it from. They said that the $257 price was no longer showing in the system.... when it was there last night.... I think that damn manager pulled the price off of the system. Anyways they said they would give me a 20% discount from the $389 price, so I was happy that I got something So I got it for around $313 AND I went there and was stoked to see that they had a 14" Ridgid bandsaw sitting there on the floor, brand new in box! Needless to say I snatched that sucker up for $313 as well it was a good day :P


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                      Re: Ridgid Jointe purchase.....Home Depot issue need help

                      congrats on your two purchases, and i don't really want to rain on your parade, but you might want to rethink the band saw. of all the ridgid stationary power tools sold through HD, it doesn't really enjoy a great reputation. it can be made serviceable, but sometimes it takes quite a bit of effort relative to a comparable product from the likes of grizzly. try seraching "ridgid band saw" on this forum..there should be plenty of information.
                      there's a solution to every just have to be willing to find it.


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                        Re: Ridgid Jointe purchase.....Home Depot issue need help

                        Finer, thanks for the reply and yes I am aware of the Ridgid bandsaws reputation. The problem is that to ship a grizzly bandsaw to me it would cost over $300 in shipping and I would rather just use that money towards upgrades. I will see how this bandsaw does and if I don't like it I can always return it