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  • Electric pressure washer

    I have reviewed hundreds of electric pressure washes from 1400psi to 2200psi.
    None seem to float to the top of the pile and I'd estimate 90% are made in china
    probably in the same factory!!! Some were made in Italy!

    Even the known name brands like Karcher do not seem to produce a favorite model
    that people like.

    Snap-On even sells an electric pressure washer but it too is made in china and has way
    too much plastic and very poor user reviews...they are simply hoping the Snap-On
    name will provide the illusion of a quality product as their hands tools present!!!
    Oh and no product support!!!!!

    I presently have a Husky/Home Depot model which of course they no longer offer.
    For now it seems to be working [not well, let's just say OK] I believe it's 1800psi

    I do not want the bother of a gas pressure washer so keep this in mind when you reply.

    GPM ranges from 1.4gpm to about 3.4gpm
    Pressure ranges from about 1400psi to 2300psi
    Hoses are usually 25-30 feet long.
    Some models offer a built in hose reel.
    Electric demand ranges from 120vac 13-15 amps with some models at 240vac 15amp

    None seem to really have a good soap dispenser system

    Looking at the pressure parameter you have 1400-2200 psi [approximately]
    most really do not provide a pressure adjustment, rather the fan spray and the
    high pressure pencil type spray.

    As a homeowner I chose 1800psi as the middle of the road...what are the real world
    differences between the various pressure ratings.
    I do realize anything above 2000psi with blast the paint off your house or car!

    So...what is the consensus here regarding an electric pressure washer?
    I also have no information regarding axial VS radial pump design and their pros and cons.

    My typical usage will be the usual around the house stuff: cleaning the decks, vehicles,
    windows [2 story house], driveway cleaning etc.etc.
    No need to clean the roof of moss here in Arizona

    Cactus Man

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    Re: Electric pressure washer

    The only electric pressure washer I've ever had experience with that was worth a tinker's damn is Cam Spray. But their 1500 PSI electric will cost you as much as someone else's 3000 PSI gas. Those little $199 electrics at HD? Don't bother.

    Here's Cam Spray's link if you want to have a look:
    Cold Water Electric Powered - Cold Water Electric Powered - Cam Spray
    "HONK if you've never seen a gun fired from a moving Harley"


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      Re: Electric pressure washer

      i have 2 that are good units.

      the a/r unit has a direct drive 2 h.p 1500 psi 2.1gpm pump draws almost 20 amps. weighs a good 40# and i have it set up as a jetter with my own pulsation valve. this is a hand carry unit.

      the second unit is packaged by northern tool also a 2 hp unit with a cat pump and built in pressure switch that stops the motor when you shut the gun. on a 2 wheel cart.

      both units are commercial quality and real pumps.

      cam spray is also a reputable company that i've purchased from before.

      phoebe it is


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        Re: Electric pressure washer

        If you are set on electric, prepare to spend some money. The higher the gpm the better. Use pump conditioner regularly and get a pressure regulator for your gun if you are concerned about damage. I was happy w/ my Husky 1800 like yours until the guns (I had to replace one) gave out. I ended up getting a Ridgid gas model and have not looked back. I looked at the pro level electrics, but the cost was more than my needs would justify. The new gas models with idle down or a pump clutch make them as convenient as an electric. I might have to trade up.


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          Re: Electric pressure washer

          cactusman, it will take way more than 2000psi to strip paint off most things. I use my gas PW (pump rated 3100psi at 3.1gpm) to wash vehicles, just using a larger orifice tip to give more flow/less pressure as well as holding the tip 18-24" from the vehicle. Same with washing homes... use detergents/cleaners to do most of the work, then rinse away with decent pressure/higher flow. I'd rather have more pressure than less as you can always throttle back to get the desired flow for the job at hand.


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            Re: Electric pressure washer

            Originally posted by shadow745 View Post
            ... you can always throttle back to get the desired flow for the job at hand.
            Why is this so hard to figure out?

            "It's too powerful"
            "Did you try throttling the engine down a bit?"
            *blank stare*

            Yes, I've had this conversation with customers on more occasions than I'm comfortable to mention.
            "HONK if you've never seen a gun fired from a moving Harley"


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              Power works 51102 1700 PSI Electric Pressure Washer 1.4GPM with Quiet Induction Motor is the best electric pressure washer brand known to me so far.. It has two built-in soap tanks provide convenient storage for the ability to use soap in cleaning applications as needed. It has a good length hose and power cord.It's light easy to use and does the job


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                As Shadow745 stated, we almost always let the pre-cleaners do the work. Then we do a quick high pressure rinse. Of course, there are times when we need the "blasting" pressure itself, but that's not usually the case. If you use the proper pre-cleaner, you reach a point where gpm is more important than psi. That may fly in the face of advertising, which promotes only psi, but gpm is enormously important. Consider that a fire hose pump runs at only 400 psi (admittedly an extreme example). If you calculate the CU's, you'll see that a 3000 psi unit with 3.5 gpm is 20% more effective than a 3400 psi unit at 2.5 gpm. We deal with this day after day, and we always put gpm and pre-cleaners at the top of our list.