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    Re: lifetime warranty?

    Seems some of you guys are missing the point when it comes to the LSA vs a Warranty. Even your semi legal interpurtations seems to exclude the fact your treating the LSA and a Lifetime warranty as one in the same.

    As an example...

    If it were a lifetime warranty, such as what you get with a craftsman or mastercraft socket then the tool would be replaced or fixed every time it broke regardless of who owns it and in many cases proof of purchase is not required. I've had 40 year old sockets which I've returned and walked out with a new socket. With a warranty, the tool is covered regardless of who owns it provided you meet the proof of purchase etc.

    With the LSA RIDGID is saying to the consumer, if you buy our tools and register it, we will service this tool as stated in their advertisement for as long as "you" the purchaser/register of the tool owns it. In 10 years from now if your RIDGID tool breaks (not caused by misuse) they will repair, replace etc, "ALMOST" like it's a lifetime warranty.

    The issue of LSA VS Warranty comes in when the tools are sold or given away as the warranty which can be used by anyone for the tool expires in 3 years while the LSA is limited to the original owner/register etc and is not transferred to the new owner.

    So as long as "you" own it, your LSA is practically a lifetime warranty for you personally but once sold that agreement between you and Ridgid does not cover the new purchaser.