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AWW man! For once, a blame the dummy behind the keyboard thread

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  • AWW man! For once, a blame the dummy behind the keyboard thread

    I lost a brand new 18V 3ah battery pack and my portable R84081 radio. I was not too bummed as I got the kit the radio with dirt cheap, and the battery new for $20 with a R86447 one handed recip. saw(HD manager was in a good mood.) It sat perfectly on the dash of my old Chevy on long trips (no radio, no heat, no problem!) What has me upset is that in order to replace these two items I am looking at a retail cost of over $70 for the radio, and the usual $100 bill for the battery. The sharp stick in eye? The day I decide to look on eBay for a replacement, I see this sell as I find it for $70!

    (hammer drill, impact, radio, halogen light, charger, 2 dead batts.)

    Maybe if I justify the loss by saying the radio antenna was glitchy and who needs that battery when I have 2 more sitting in the bag, and it was probably going to die an early death anyways... Maybe this minor inconvenience/loss wont annoy me as badly?

    I am jealous that I did not find this deal two minutes sooner. Lucky bastid! (I suppose I cant find all of the good deals...) Anyone have any extras they are looking to offload? I miss my li'l radio already! Small enough to not annoy the boss or customers (sound wise) but good enough for me to get away with having a radio without attracting attention.

    Ok, I am done crying now, I should be thankful I did not get cleaned out any worse than this... Thank you Lord for looking after me!
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    We don't have preventative maintenance around here, we have CRISIS MANAGEMENT!