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  • Jobmax/Multitool blades

    Why are these blades so expensive???

    They are smaller than the typical circular saw or reciprocating blade
    They are not super metal....OK the diamond blade and maybe the carbide blade
    may be a bit costly! To me they all look like stamped steel etc.....

    I have visited E-bay ,,
    and the various "other" blade manufacturers

    Fitzallblades, and Specialtydiamond are two companies that sell
    assorted blades.....Harbor Freight has blades too

    Where do you purchase your blades and how much do you pay?
    Considering the cost of these blades have you found any manufacturer
    that makes a better blade that lasts a long time and wears well?

    Cactus Man

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    Re: Jobmax/Multitool blades

    I buy mine at menards, they have the Rockwell brand, they fit the JM without having to use the adaptor plate. They last just as long as the Bosch blades at a fraction of the price. Not to mention don't fall apart like the Bosch blades, everyone I have bought has the welds fail before they dull.


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      Re: Jobmax/Multitool blades

      No Menards here on the west coast, those blades are not available online at their website either.

      Here is Harbor Freight's offerings
      Search results for: 'multi-tool blade'
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        Re: Jobmax/Multitool blades

        I just received a July 2011 catalog from Woodcraft and somewhere in there (found it, page 2H) they
        have a selection of blades designed to fit just about any brand multi-tool;

        Bosch, Fein, RIDGID, Skill, Dremel, Milwaukee, Craftsman, you name it.

        Prices are reasonable but still not cheap.

        They are made by Imperial Blades (never heard of them before this).
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          Re: Jobmax/Multitool blades

          Not much profit in selling tools these days so they make up for it with high prices on the consumables.

          Hey Bob, I see you got my old job.
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            Re: Jobmax/Multitool blades

            Originally posted by BadgerDave View Post
            Not much profit in selling tools these days so they make up for it with high prices on the consumables.

            Hey Bob, I see you got my old job.
            Somebodys got to do it. If it weren't me, it would be someone else.

            BTW, in keeping with my new post, Websters Online
            has the following to say about your current vocation;


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              Re: Jobmax/Multitool blades

              n. 1. The act of talking in one's sleep; somniloquism.

              I'm currently reading one of Edgar Cayce's books, so it looked familiar.
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                Re: Jobmax/Multitool blades

                I found a myriad of multitool blades on E-bay...

                Do a search "multitool blades" you should find about 455 entries

                There are three significant players:
                Fitzall Blades
                Bite tools
                Specialty Diamond Products...The are located in Tucson so they added sales tax..[bummer]

                I have various blades coming from Fitzall blades and Specialty diamond Products
                If you play well you can get some pretty good prices...

                For example, I purchased some Japan wood blades from Specialty diamond Products
                for about $3.50 each and that includes shipping & tax or $10.49 for 3 of them I should see the blades
                around the end of the week or early next week. The blades are 1 3/8", 14TPI, cut depth about 1 9/16".

                I'll post a review of them on a new thread after I use them.

                These blades also seem to have a universal type opening and should fit the Ridgid Jobmax and other
                popular models easily or with the adapter Ridgid supplied or purchasing the Dremel adapter [$4.00].
                They all have very complete websites you can visit too.

       also carries these brands but in some cases are more expensive.

                Cactus Man
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                  Re: Jobmax/Multitool blades

                  We just had a new Harbor Freight open in our area (greater-Binghamton, NY area) and yesterday I noticed that they had quite a large selection of blades. Not sure if they'll fit, but the price seems to be okay, but still not cheap by any means. Question of course is how well they'll hold up.

                  While I'm not surprised, I was hoping the a Ridgid-brand blade assortment would show up at Home Depot. The Dremel and Bosch blades seem to be too expensive and I'm not at all impressed with the longevity of the Dremel blades. Perhaps it was just the 100-year old trim stock that I've used my JobMax on, but after trimming off just a few corners of 1-1/4 top molding (over doors), the Dremel blade is now worthless. No nails were hit, and the first-use fast cutting teeth quickly changed to a real effort and I ended up just shaving away this trim with my chisel (probably should have just done this to begin with, but I thought it would be a perfect application for the JobMax... if the blades would have held up.)



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                    Re: Jobmax/Multitool blades

                    I've been using Harbor Freight's accessories on my JobMax for months. I adapted them using the method I posted earlier at: