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  • Knowledge is Power!

    Thanks to this Forum I continue to learn little gems of information which help me to take better care of my tools and machines, work better and safer. When I used my power washer just before putting it away for the winter, the power would come and go as I held the trigger. I had anticipated all sorts of problems or repair costs getting to the bottom of the problem. Luckily I read about the unloader valve, and after a disassembly and lube, my pressure washer is good as new! I am very thankful for this Forum and for the professionals who share their knowledge. Frank

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    Re: Knowledge is Power!

    I thank my stars for the internet. I have learned so much and have saved a ton of cash, which of course I have used on other cool stuff I have found....
    We don't have preventative maintenance around here, we have CRISIS MANAGEMENT!