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Ridgid 10" Table Saw works in Europe?

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  • Ridgid 10" Table Saw works in Europe?

    Hey guys!
    I'm heading to Europe for a few years and was wondering if anyone ever had gone to Europe with their heavy duty tools and just use a transformer there. I wanted to bring my Ridgid 10" Portable Table Saw with Stand R4510 and thought I could just plug it in a transformer and would just work. It requires about 1800W. Let me know what works, I would really appreciate any help regarding this issue. Thanks.

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    Re: Ridgid 10" Table Saw works in Europe?

    it most likely will run slower as 50 hertz is the cycles and that controls the motor speed, (some motors are both 50 and 60 cycle) some are only listed for one or the other, if you can change it to 220 volts I would think one could just plug it in, ( you may be wise to call customer service at Ridgid and see what they have to say,

    on the 50 cycle vs 60 cycle, the saw in the states most likely has a 3600 RPM motor, if induction motor most likly has a RPM at about 3400 or so, on 50 cycles it would be 3000 RPM motor, (the motor may not take it) you would either need to see the name plate and or talk to the manufacture of the machine to see if it could take the difference, a pulley change may be needed if the motor can take it, (if it is a universal motor I would think it would handle it better, as a universal motor can run on Ac or DC), and is not to my understanding speed regulated by the frequency but by the voltage),

    if that is the protable saw (I would guess it has a universal motor in it),
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      Re: Ridgid 10" Table Saw works in Europe?

      Would it still be considered a 10" model in Europe?