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I'm All Thumbs with the New Corded Job-Max...

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  • I'm All Thumbs with the New Corded Job-Max...

    I love the tool (or should I say the idea of a tool that is so versatile it can be compared to a
    Swiss Army Knife), however, I really suck with this tool. It is not quite as 'intuitive' as a drill or a saw. It takes some practice and finesse to get the most out of it.
    I'm pretty good sometimes at burning wood when cutting. Sanding and scraping is a bit more straight-forward. This is one tool that someone will get rich making a decent how-to book on the use of the relatively new oscillating type tools that is still new to most people.
    Now come on admit it, anybody else have issues with these new tools?
    Of course, one week after getting this, Porter Cable comes out with one that's tool free.
    Tools Rule

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    Re: I'm All Thumbs with the New Corded Job-Max...

    I got along great with my Dremel once I figured out it had a speed control set to 4 on it. Took forever to cut.. After having it for 4 months and dreamed up ways to sell it or return it, I discover I could turn up the speed up to 10 and make it go fast.
    We don't have preventative maintenance around here, we have CRISIS MANAGEMENT!