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  • Jobmax/Multitool blade information

    Here are some comments of various multitool blades I have acquired:

    If you visit E-bay you'll find a number of aftermarket manufacturers of multitool blades:

    Harbor Freight

    Harbor Freight blades are easily available, inexpensive, but really are not the best fit for the
    Jobmax. In a pinch they are satisfactory. They do seem to wear well if not abused, but seem to
    wear out quickly. They have a simple 3/8" mounting hole

    The Fitzall blades work well, and nicely fit the Jobmax. They retain their sharpness if not
    abused. Typically you can bid on their price and are reasonably priced.

    The Diamond blades are well made but are a bit pricey. Again they fit the Jobmax nicely and
    also retain their sharpness if not abused.

    The Bite blades are interesting in their design. They are double sided! This means you get two
    cutting edges on each blade. When one side dulls you simply flip it around and you have a fresh
    blade. These too wear quite well and if not abused hold its sharpness. They offer a wide variety
    of styles. Typically you'll see them at around $10.00 for a blade and that can include shipping. So..
    that's ten bucks for two cutting edges and that's a good deal. The down side is they seem a bit thin
    compared to the others but still provides an excellent cut.

    Most of the after market blades are designed to fit the Jobmax and other brands of oscillating tools
    without requiring adapters. They sport a universal type hole configuration.

    I have found dealing direct with the manufactures all very good although you may find a better price
    via E-bay.

    There is also an after market kit that offers a 13 blade assortment in an aluminum case
    [or without the storage case]
    I have ordered one of these for around $38.00 that works out to about $2.92 per blade. You may get
    a better price by bidding on their offers. Be aware some of their cases may be damaged etc. but the
    blades are perfect.

    I have never used the top of the line Fein blades so I can not comment on them or compare them
    to these after market blades.

    I have no monetary interest in any of these companies and this is simply to assist Jobmax users
    in finding the right blade for their desired use and price point.

    Cactus Man
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    Re: Jobmax/Multitool blade information


    Thanks. You've certainly put some work into this and it's greatly appreciated. I downloaded your post for future reference and I know it will come in handy. Can I presume that all one has to do is search for "multitool blades" on E-bay to find these?

    Thanks again,



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      Re: Jobmax/Multitool blade information

      Yes..on E-bay if you search "multitool blades" you'll find around 452 listings

      Cactus Man


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        Re: Jobmax/Multitool blade information

        I have been using my Jobmax quite a bit lately.
        I am using the Diamond brand of blades and they seem to work quite well.

        I am cutting at an angle some marine type plywood [please don't ask for details it embarrassing]
        Basically I'm trimming and edge to an angle and then sanding it flush to a granite trim edge.

        I now understand why an on/off lock for the power switch would be nice!

        Does anyone have any thoughts about blade life?

        I'm using the standard style wood blade and a Japan blade which has coarser teeth
        If I get too aggressive the blade/wood will smoke so slow and easy is the trick.
        sadly I have to do this on my back and I run out of arm after a while ha ha

        The Jobmax does have plenty of power.
        I actually purchased a second head so I can quickly switch from cutting to sanding.

        Cactus Man