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3000 2.6 Pressure washer

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  • 3000 2.6 Pressure washer

    Hey guys I decidedjoined the forum because im having trouble with the pressure washer.The gun cracked right at the m22 connector with o rings now i need a gun. the briggs & stratton replacements dont hold up very well this is the second one ive had to replace. My ? is where would you guys recommend i get a replacement i use it to wash the trailers and sometimes the floors but the rigid is used in places outside the shop the eagle heated unit stays in the shop. I beleive the HD guy said i need one with 3/8 end connector and m22 lance connector. Thanks for all the help

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    Re: 3000 2.6 Pressure washer

    The original Ridgid gun is part # 120950013 and they're not particularly expensive. Otherwise, visit a Northern Tool & Equipment for PW accessories.
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