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    Viral Radar: 3D Printer Replicates A Wrench

    A buddy of mine was trying to explain this video to me.Had to watch it for myself.Hope the link works..If not go to youtube 3d tool video..
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    Re: 3D Tools

    No effing way. I just buried the needle on my B.S. detector.


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      Re: 3D Tools

      Totally real. I've seen those printers on a bunch of different shows on discovery channel, etc. and in Popular science/mechanics. But i've never seen one that advanced. The fact that it could print multiple moving parts in one piece was really cool. But I think there was more than just that scan to get it into the computer in the first place. The printer would need to know the exact dimensions of each part- not just of the outside parts of the screw and moving side of the jaw, but the internal parts too. But after you have it all in the computer it's kind of like using a regular printer to print little slices through the wrench on a couple hundred sheets of paper, cutting them all out and then gluing them all together. I don't know how much strength the stuff really has- especially for small parts- but I know they use it a lot for prototyping of parts and things.


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        Re: 3D Tools

        i've personally seen them in action.

        when you build prototypes, it's a way to go from cad to parts without machining.

        jay leno owns 1 to reproduce vintage auto parts.

        phoebe it is


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          Re: 3D Tools

          I wonder if Sandra Bullock would... nah, probably not.
          Never mind.
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            Re: 3D Tools

            Cool, I wonder if you could scan your face and print that


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              Re: 3D Tools


              Actually it's pretty neat stuff. We had a local company do a "model" of one of our large gas process compressors back around 2003 (my last year before retirement). On rare occasion we'd have a need to model a prototype and that would usually require hiring a special model maker who would work with our prints and produce a wood and plastic model. Nice but not very detailed and sometimes a bit crude and always very expensive. But in this particular case, we just gave the local company the digital geometry (3D solid from the CAD) and in a couple of weeks they came back with this really ornate plastic model. It looked like a very fine white sand. That's the first time I saw a 3D printed model. Really something else, for sure! That was eight years ago, so I can only imagine the quality of today's 3D printing technology.

              On a much smaller (and cruder) scale, there is this company in NYC that makes a 3D printing "kit" called "MakerBot". It uses a computer controlled moving platform and a heated extrusion nozzle to build up an object by melting ABS plastic thread in position. You can use either a 3D solids drawing program or a program to convert Google's SketchUp. It's not nearly as fancy or as precise as the multi-thousand dollar printer used in the above video, but it is neat enough to make small components that can be assembled. It primarily uses ABS, which is the plastic that LEGO blocks are made from (fairly strong); but I believe they've also experimented with other plastics too. Price is about $1400, IIRC. Here's a link to their website There is also a few videos on YouTube.