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  • Why we use Bosch Power Tools

    Hey, I know this is a Ridgid forum, and yes we have some Ridgid tool, ie: Tile Saw, Compound Miter, Angle Grinders, Vacuums etc... but I wanted to post why we use Bosch for the majority of our tools. It might help someone in the future in making a decision.

    We used Dewalt exclusively in the 80's and up until the late 90's. When HD started carrying them it went down hill. Dewalt to keep up with production starting assembling product in Mexico to keep up with HD Demand and we saw a noticeable change in product build quality, to the point our local HD who knew us would no longer take defective product back for exchange. (we were not the only ones brining back product)

    I made the switch to Bosch around 2001 on this one Demonstration. Walked into a White Cap supply house and the Bosch guys were in back with a scissor hoist dropping Brute 18v & 24vdrills, with the trigger zip tied on, from the height of ten - fifteen feet onto the parking lot. Not one of the units broke or stopped working. I was sold. Walked back in and bought two kits, followed up three months later with two more kits. For xmas a few years back I bought all my guys 18volt multi-tool kits that I found through a local Lumber company at a ridiculous price.

    The other selling point for me was the local BOSCH service center. A group of guys that are truly there for the customer. Walk-ins they will try and repair on the spot. If they can't the turn around is usually a few days.

    Of all the Bosch product we have, in the last 12 years I have only had to take back two drills for service. Both cost under $40.00 bucks to fix, oh and we had to buy a new guide for our worm saw, $14.00, last year and the Bosch guys put it on for free.

    Here is a couple of other examples of the Bosch Guys being "Johnny on the Spot".

    Few years back I was in the service center picking something up and started talking to the guys about the handle on a tool bag that came off at the seam. They asked if I had the bag with me. I said yes. They said let us see it. So I went to the truck grabbed the bag and handed it too them. They just laughed, threw into the trash and gave me a new one.

    Another time when I went to pick up one of the drills I mentioned earlier I started talking to the guys about the little red snap down locks on the Brute Drill case. We had an issue with them popping off and getting lost. I asked if I could buy a couple to replace the ones we lost. They looked it up in there parts catalog and there was no parts number for them, so instead they just went in the back grabbed two empty cases and handed them to me, no charge. Now that's truly customer service.
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    Re: Why we use Bosch Power Tools

    ive had the exact same cust service with dewalt and ridgid so duly noted but.....


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      Re: Why we use Bosch Power Tools

      Agree, if Bosch makes it, I buy it!



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        Re: Why we use Bosch Power Tools

        Originally posted by TheMaster
        I get that kinda service from Dewalt. It all boils down to the service center and how its operated.
        I agree with you on this. At the time we had no local Dewalt service center, so the few items we tried to get warrantied took almost a month for a turn around. I know they have a bigger, so called better service center locally now. We have a lot of Porter Cable and Delta tools but luckily they have never failed on us so I have not had to use the service center. As for Dewalt products the cost in man hours, running to get replacement tools etc.. left a really sour taste in my mouth years ago. They would have to come out with a product that I needed, that no one else made before I would buy the Brand again.

        I also have a pretty sour taste in my mouth regarding the local Ridgid service center, (not the tools). We had a motor burn out on a planer and tried to get it warrantied and they refused to honor the warranty. Told us we were not in the system even though we had all the paperwork showing we had met the requirements. They claimed we never sent in the warranty card, which we had a filled out photo copy. What I should have done had I had time was sue them in Small Claims court, because in California, Consumer Protection laws don't require a purchaser to fill in any warranty card to be covered by warranty regardless of what the Manufacture claims.


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          Re: Why we use Bosch Power Tools

          Let's have a little history check.

          Dewalt launched it's first ever PPT's in 1992. The only Dewalt branded tool you could buy before '92 was the radial arm saw, aka the wonder saw.

          Bosch didn't launch it's first 18v "brute" line until 2002, 8 years after Dewalt's first 18v launch in 1996.

          Service centers? Last I checked, Bosch only had 16 Factory owned and operated service centers. I believe Dewalt has around 80 factory owned service centers. Ridgid has 0 factory owned service centers for PPT's.

          Do I own Ridgid tools, yes. Do I own Bosch tools, yes- I own more Bosch tools than any other brand in my arsenal. Do I own Dewalt tools, yes almost exclusively cordless.

          I personally look at each company, and their reputation on a particular tool. No 1 manufacture has it all figured out. I do my research, and find who has the best tool in it's class that fit's my personal needs. Customer service for me, comes second. Why? Customer service is people based. The quality of CS is often only as good as that particular person. I've had great customer service one day from one CS rep, and had a horrible experience at the same place with a different CS rep.

          My 2 cents....


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            Re: Why we use Bosch Power Tools

            The Bosch tools I have or have used are top notch. Bosch has one of the most popular routers on the market in the question is why the heck don't the make it so that it accepts the standard PC bushings instead of needing their adapter? It seems like a really pigheaded approach to an otherwise really well thought out tool.


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              Re: Why we use Bosch Power Tools

              I was once given a Bosch 18 volt cordless drill kit at a company I worked for. I think it was in 2006. I didn't like anything about the drill. It wasn't weighted well and it felt clumsy to use.
              I will give it credit though; as it was a company drill, I beat the crap out of it. I smoked the motor more than once. Never died though.


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                Re: Why we use Bosch Power Tools

                The Bosch kit I've had has been good. (18V Combo) The customer service very good. I lost small parts on the circular saw. Totally my fault and that's what I told them. Sent them to me for nothing even after I told them I was willing to pay for them.

                Had a battery die under warranty. Seemed like around 10 months in. Can't remember. Anyway, one on my doorstep within 3 days. I think it was the second day....again...memory. No taking it to some Service Center or nothing. Problem with battery, call, battery sent. Didn't even ask for the battery. Just told me to please recycle it properly.

                That's the way it should be done in my opinion.

                Only one that has been better so far in my experience has been Makita. Works good and I haven't needed customer service.



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                  Re: Why we use Bosch Power Tools

                  I'm becoming a Bosch fan as well. I used to buy either craftsman or Dewalt. Craftsman went downhill big time in my eyes. I love my Dewalt equipment (which I have the most of) and its never let me down. I recently purchased a Bosch laser level and I was impressed with the quality for the price. I have since bought the bosch corded multix tool and a 18v drill/driver combo kit. I've been impressed with those items as well. I do own a few ridgid orbital sander and power washer that I like as well. I agree with Kanxrus that I look at all of them before I purchase a new tool. I try to get the most bang for my buck.


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                    Re: Why we use Bosch Power Tools

                    " as it was a company drill, I beat the crap out of it. I smoked the motor more than once. Never died though".

                    Thats Great.


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                      Re: Why we use Bosch Power Tools

                      I have a sizeable collection of Ridgid and Ryobi tools. I do have one Bosch tool: the Skil (owed by Bosch) Mag 77 circular saw. Nice saw. Heavy, but stable and I like the left-side blade location. Of course, the Skil saw has been around for a long time, and I am not sure we can credit Bosch with the design.

                      While the Bosch tool line seems to be high in quality, they do seem to have a rather limited selection of tool types. Ridgid and any number of other outfits seem to have more of the type of tools that I use than Bosch. With Ridgid we have a decently big drill press, jointer, band saw, thickness planer, etc. Hand tools are nice, but to move into the bigger tool-user leagues more choices need to be available.

                      Bosch does have a good jobsite saw, however. On the other hand, I have compared the Bosch jobsite saw and Ridgid 4510 jobsite saw together. The Ridgid matches the Bosch in most ways, except that compared to the Ridgid versions, the miter gauge and fence for the Bosch look like toys. A win for the Ridgid.

                      Howard Ferstler


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                        Re: Why we use Bosch Power Tools

                        Because we CAN!

                        Big G