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Help - New RD80704 Pressure Washers Loose Wand Pressure

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  • Help - New RD80704 Pressure Washers Loose Wand Pressure

    So I am on unit # 2 now. Both are from the same mfg. date, so I suppose I could have gotten in to a bad "lot" from the manufacturer, but I thought I would try this forum for ideas too, before I return yet another washer to the HD.

    Both washers have had the same problem - after washing for 2-3 minutes, the pressure just dies down to a stream (as if engine/pump weren't even running). I immediately shut down, wait a while and restart, then have pressure again for 2-3 min. On unit #2 I have now achieved one run of almost 10 min. of off/on use, but it then developed the pressure problem again.

    Engine oil level OK.
    CAT pump oil level OK. (I think, see below)
    Water supply is good (ie. good pressure, no kinks in hose, etc.)
    No kinks in high pressure hose, no clogged nozzles, etc.

    I have tried with various nozzles to see if that made a difference, but even with the 40 deg. it happens.

    Regarding the CAT pump oil level, on both units the fill level is at the mid-point of the red sight dot when the unit is off/cool, but when operating the level falls to just below the bottom of the red dot. And when the unit is off but still hot, the level is slightly above the top of the red dot.

    Someone suggested to me that these units are very sensitive and should only be operated on "level" ground. That would exacerbate the pump oil level fluctuations I noted above, but would that be enough to cause the intermittent pressure problems I'm having ?


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    Re: Help - New RD80704 Pressure Washers Loose Wand Pressure

    I went through an amazingly similar experience with this model. The first one I got would lose pressure, as would the second one.

    I found that this pressure washer seems to not be able to run if conditions aren't ideal. It needs level ground, and also needs to be on the same level (elevation) as the water supply. The hose supplying the water to the machine cane not be run on an incline whatsoever! I mean even several inches!

    Honestly, I think the problem here is the idle down feature.

    I returned the second 80704 and got the DeWalt DH30208. It sells at HD online for the same price as the Ridgid. It has an adjustable throttle, so there is no idle-down nonsense. Also, it has a better Cat pump (the ridgid's cat is a very low end model) and a Honda GX engine (the better of Honda's two small 4 cycles) instead of a Subaru.

    I hope that you bought it recently and can still return it. It is just not a well thought out tool.