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Ridgid repairs going out of state? HD repairs all shipped to the midwest?

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  • Ridgid repairs going out of state? HD repairs all shipped to the midwest?

    (intro) I have a warranty repair issue with my mobile air station (thing leaked from the factory, now the hose won't roll up/down unless you have your knee on the box since repair parts are a different size than factory assembly, things don't fit as they should) and it was determined the whole thing would get replaced. That was about 2 months ago, before the summer. I'd like to use the thing, so, I gave my local service shop a call, this morning.

    The owner of the shop said, he hasn't heard anything, that Ridgid has practically ignored him for weeks. He has several tools laysitting around waiting for parts to finish repairs.

    He also informed me that the repair contracts between Home Depots and local shops like his have been cancelled. That tools turned in at Home Depot for warranty repair will be sent out somewhere midwest. And, not sent out one at a time as they come in via UPS/FedEx - as I assumed - but gathered locally, pallet-ized and truck shipped. Repaired as they come in. Then trucked back. Warranty & LSA repairs are going take months.

    I have no idea if this is a local issue or a nationwide move by Ridgid ... but I don't doubt my local tech's honesty. He is retired, used to work for Home Depot (so he has some contacts) and his repair business revolves around being the local Ridgid authorized repair shop.

    It is not clear yet what is happening as far as parts for him and repair authorizations for walk-ins.

    I'm hoping that the local repair network stays intact and the little shops don't get put out of business in some cost cutting move that only benefits Home Depot & Ridgid. It is a pain in the neck, time consuming and what not to drive two hours out of the way, twice, to drop-off and pick-up a tool ... but it would suck if all repairs will be trucked to a warehouse and your repair just missed the bi-weekly? monthly? truck going out.

    Has anybody else heard anything about this?

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    Re: Ridgid repairs going out of state? HD repairs all shipped to the midwest?

    nope, but I know when one of my Ridgid tools break to buy another one and worry about getting it fixed later, and keeping it around as a spare once it gets fixed. (hence the HUGE list of 18V tools I have for sale, spares I "don't" need.)
    We don't have preventative maintenance around here, we have CRISIS MANAGEMENT!


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      Re: Ridgid repairs going out of state? HD repairs all shipped to the midwest?

      This is exactly what happened in the Computer industry fifteen years ago. Along with my plumbing and water treatment background I minored in college in computer sciences, (yeah I was a propeller head geek back then)

      As the PC industry evolved around 95-98 you started seeing more and more bulk repair facilities. For example PC CRT monitors. We used to buy Hansel monitors back then. Frigging expensive at the time, but rated numero uno in regards to graphics capabilities for engineering, CAD etc... They came with a three year no question asked warranty. Best in the industry. First warranty issues, handled by Hansel USA directly. Just exchange the faulty product. Then it switched to a local service company. Then it switched to a regional. Finally it ended up we would have to take the monitors to some warehouse in LA that was handling drop shipments for hundreds of PC related products, all of which were shipped overseas for repair or dismantling.