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r4512 arbor washer question

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  • r4512 arbor washer question

    I know this is a fairly noob question, but I wanted to be sure...
    There are 2 arbor washers that sandwich the saw blade. They both have a domed side and a flat side. The washer on the arbor has the flat side touching the blade. In my manual it specifically says to put the saw on and then put the second washer on with the DOMED side against the blade. This is different than any other table saw I've used, so I wanted to make sure that I was supposed to have one flat side against the blade and then one domed side?


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    Re: r4512 arbor washer question

    In my experience the flat sides go against the blade, in my 50+ years of using saws I have never seen the blade held by a non flat washer, the domed or curved or tapered side has always gone on the out side of the blade,

    check out this site the pictures are of a radial arm saw, but it shows a number of washer types and they look correct the flats to the blade and the domed away from the blade,
    Woodwork UK • View topic - Has anyone got a Dewalt DW125 Radial arm saw?
    pictures from site,
    IMO the pictures show the correct way of using the arbor washers,
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      Re: r4512 arbor washer question

      Thanks for backing me up on that My gut was telling me to put the flat sides on, but it tripped me up that they specifically told me to do it that way.


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        Re: r4512 arbor washer question

        I went rounds with this part in the manual as well....I tried both ways and when the flat side was against the blade, well then the blade was much straight and easier for me to align. So flat side for me.