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Ridgid 18V X4 Compact Drill

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  • Ridgid 18V X4 Compact Drill

    My drill makes a grinding/crunching sound (presumably gears) when stop-starting again in quick succession, particularly on lower speed. I just bought the drill. Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong, or should I be returning it?

    RIDGID | Ridgid 18V X4 Compact Drill | Home Depot Canada

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    Re: Ridgid 18V X4 Compact Drill



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      Re: Ridgid 18V X4 Compact Drill

      Run the drill without any load at max speed for a minute or so
      this will break in the motor.

      Stop/starting in quick succession is really not the best thing for any drill..what are you doing?

      If this indeed is a new purchase return it and get another one..I'd suggest trying the new one at the
      customer service desk to ensure the new drill works as expected.

      Cactus Man


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        Re: Ridgid 18V X4 Compact Drill

        All my drills do this, even my other brand drills with braking action. Notice how fast the chuck stops turning once power has been cut. I'm not sure what the mechanisms inside is but I always figured it to be some sort of centrifugal clutch brake or something similar to an engine brake. Notice when the drill is stopped the chuck does not free spin, this is so you can turn the chuck and tighten and loosen it etc. If you didn't have this braking action then you would need a keyed chuck.

        Also I agree it is not a good idea to quickly stop and start the tool over and over again. Granted your probably doing it out of curiosity as you've noticed this noise and don't do it all the time.

        Last but not least, your tool has one of the better warranties and LSA's on the market so if you are having trouble the guys at your service center will take care of you.
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