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  • battery trouble

    Have 4 year old 5pc 18v Combo kit with Rapid Max Twin Charger, batteries died, so had them replaced on the life time warranty plan. I just got them back and now I am not sure if it was the batteries or a bad charging unit. Is there an easy way to tell which problem I have?

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    Re: battery trouble

    Your situation is exactly why they used to require that all components of a kit be brought into the Service Center for testing before giving out replacement batteries. If this is still what is required then the Service Center did you wrong. The easiest way to tell what your problem is would be to take your kit back to the Service Center and have them check out all the pieces including the charger.
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      Re: battery trouble

      All my service center wants is (any) tool and the battery so they can write the serial number of the tool down on their slip.

      My advice, bring your batteries to Home Depot to use their battery charger they have sitting around to charge the batteries they use on the demos. If your batteries work afterwards, your charger is bunk, if the batteries wont charge, you got bunk batteries.
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