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RD80746 pressure washer problem

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  • RD80746 pressure washer problem

    Hi there I have a Ridgid pressure washer 3000 psi model RD80746 that I purchased in September of 2008 at a Home Depot in Canada.

    As luck would have it, only three weeks out of warranty and it has broken on me! To boot I've probably only used it about 6 times total.

    What's happening is that if the water supply is disconnected, the Subaru motor starts and runs fine. However if I connect the water supply, the water stops flowing. The engine starts to strain and either the engine eventually quits, or the water pressure builds and the pressure relief valve on the pump assembly starts spewing water. By the way the pump assembly (the bronze portion that the hoses connect to) gets quite HOT during this process as well.

    So my thinking is that the motor is fine. I removed the pump assembly all the way back to the motor. If I turn over the motor, the crankshaft (sorry if I'm not using the correct terminology here) that connects the motor to the middle assembly (metal portion with pistons at the end) turns fine. If I connect the middle assembly that connects the motor to the pump housing, then the three pistons at the end all seem to modulate normally.

    Inspection of the bronze pump assembly shows no obvious defects. No melted gaskets, clogs etc...

    I live in a remote area and there are no service centres that work on Ridgid pressure washers anywhere within 200 miles.

    Suggestions as to what this problem may be would be very much appreciated!


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    Re: RD80746 pressure washer problem

    See my reply on this thread...
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