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4512 Table Saw Throat Plate

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  • 4512 Table Saw Throat Plate

    Just purchased, put together and tested new 4512 Table Saw. Really great except the two rear-most throat plate screws stick up just a little above the table. Anyone seen this before?

    I don't really want to go into a screw hunt for ones that have a lower profile nor do I want to try to route the hole a tad larger for the screws to sit down lower, but I will if I have to.


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    Re: 4512 Table Saw Throat Plate

    I bought a 4512 this year myself. The screws for the throat plate are for leveling the plate. They should screw down far enough for the plate to set on top and stay flush with the table top. If they do not screw down enough, you might try chasing the threads with a bottom tap.

    On a different note, do you have any problems with the lift? I can not get mine to keep the saw up long enough to move it. It also will not pick up the front end without me pulling up on the saw. I have to keep my foot on the pedal to move the saw.

    Hope you enjoy the saw.