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R7000 drill, power cord replacement

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  • R7000 drill, power cord replacement

    Guys, I have Ridgid R7000 drill. The power cord is broken. Not a problem. I disassembled the drill, cut bad part of the cord and what I need just to connect good portion of the cord to the switch. Oops, I did not pay attention which terminal is hot wire (black) and which neutral (white). The terminals on the switch are numbered. 1 is located closer to the trigger and 2 father from the trigger. Does anybody know which is hot and which is neutral?

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    Re: R7000 drill, power cord replacement

    I do not have an answer for you, but when I do a goof like that, I try to match up the wires I cut off and measure the length and re-trace where I was. Sometimes the wires will have writing on them, or you can match up the way the wire was cut....

    My guess is the skinny terminal(hot side of plug) would go to the trigger.
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