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  • Small Job Site Compressor Question:

    I need to get a small job site compressor. I narrowed it down to the following two. Namely because they are Oil filled which generally means a quieter compressor. Anyone use either one of these and if so what were your overall thoughts.

    Ridgid: OL50145MWD

    Bosch: Model CET4-20W

    Comparison Page on HD's web site:

    Product Comparison Page

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    Re: Small Job Site Compressor Question:

    Both seem expensive to me and neither provide CFM information. The Ridgid says it's "Lube", but the Bosch says "Fini"... whatever that means. Both of course need wheels, so while they're portable, they are apparently heavy and I'd be concerned about moving them in and out of the vehicle or over barriers within the construction site or having to take them up and down stairs.

    But the question needs to be asked, What are you going to use the compressor for?, and What are your expectations for service?... Like is this intermittant operation, single or multi-user, full-day operation, what?

    For simple "nailer" work, I have a very small Craftsman lube unit, ETL listed, twin quick-connectors, 125 psi max pressure, 2.4 SCFM @90 psi/3.7 SCFM @ 40 psi. Drives my nailers quite well, is quiet enough to have within a few feet of me and it weighs about 40 lbs and is therefore small enough to carry in and out of the vehicle, up stairs, through doorways with no problem. Couple of years old now, cost me $100 (on sale) and added an extended warranty for about $30. Pumps up in less than a minute from empty. While this unit works for me, you may well have demands that are far greater. Generally, one has to know what the tool's air requirements are and let that dictate the size of the compressor unit.

    As far as portability is concerned, I had (many years ago) an I-R twin tank (wheel-barrel type, like the Ridgid) and it was fine; but, it wasn't all that manueverable and proved to be a bit cumbersom to wheel if the ground was soft or there was rocks and gravel. It was also a pain to get into or out of a vehicle and stairs and narrow doorways were bit tricky to navigate... I prefer pick-up and carry", provided that the unit isn't tool heavy. Usually the weight will be dictated by the size of the tank you think you need...but then, something like a nailer required very little volume (CFM) to activate.



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      Re: Small Job Site Compressor Question:

      patrick, how about the 9 gal. twin tank ridgid wheelbarrow gas compressor. i can make you a deal you can't refuse. still have 4 left in stock.

      sold one the other day while in with mark while driving in vegas. the buyer couldn't wait til the next day to pick one up at my shop. so i made a call and he picked it up at my stocking warehouse. it's all about having your distributors all around town

      mark was impressed and i was a little $$.

      even home depot couldn't pull off that sale

      phoebe it is


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        Re: Small Job Site Compressor Question:

        I see alot of those wheelbarrow compressors come back. Every HD I shop at usually has had at least one on the floor that is marked down as a return. The only time I see the porter cable pancake compressor come back is when the customer tries ripping off the store by buying a new one and putting an old one back in the box.

        For small jobs, I would buy the porter cable pancake. It is not too noisy, and will run most air guns with ease.
        It tips the scales at 34#. I use this for everything except roofing with more than 1 gun, and shooting texture.

        C2005 6-Gallon Portable Electric Air Compressor-C2005 at The Home Depot
        We don't have preventative maintenance around here, we have CRISIS MANAGEMENT!


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          Re: Small Job Site Compressor Question:

          The electric WB compressor is a great unit... Until it gets below 40* or so. I have yet to swap out the oil for a lighter synthetic (any recommendations?) Also, to many people try and run them on 15 amp circuits and long 14 gauge extention cords. It needs a 20 amp circuit. Although I think the start capasitor is under powered, but I can't find a direct replacement with more kick.